'Suicide Squad', DC’s Flimsy Attempt At Course Correction

‘Suicide Squad’, DC’s latest polarizing feature film.

After the massive critical flop that was Batman V Superman, many people have been nervously anticipating the next DC movie. Is it going to drop the ball yet again and destroy the very little hope we still have, or have they learned their lesson after that last big misfire? The answer though, sits firmly in the gray area.

'Ghostbusters' Cynics Busted!


All the skeptics and naysayers can calm the f*ck down now. Ghostbusters was pretty damn good.

Why you should watch Game Of Thrones RIGHT NOW!

The game's most coveted prize.

Don’t you ever get tired of feeling left out when the latest Game Of Thrones meme goes viral and you’re there scratching your head wondering why everyone suddenly wants to hold the door? The rest of the world laughs, or their collective hearts break, or are shocked, confused, frustrated, enraged and every other extreme emotion in the spectrum - and you have no idea what the freak is going on. Of course, you could watch the series but you’re intimidated by the hours you’d have to invest and the highfaluting dialogue you’ve heard so much about and countless names no one seems to remember or even pronounce properly. Who can blame you; it’s so much effort.

But I’m here to tell you, it’s so worth it! All it takes is the first step, just press play, and you’ll realize what all this fuss is about. Game Of Thrones is one of the best written and envisioned pieces of art of our generation, and it’s not too late to get on this bandwagon!

'Central Intelligence' exploits the Rock and Hart connection!


Robbie Weirdicht (pronounced “weird dick”) is my new favorite action hero! He’s tough, smooth, all sorts of bad ass, aaaaaand he loves sappy romance movies! My kind of hero! The sensitive kind!

Subversive in its characterization of the two leads. 
An all-business Kevin Hart and a unicorn-loving Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock stars as Robbie Weirdicht, aka Bob Stone, a former fat and bullied kid in high school, who turns his life around and becomes CIA super spy in jorts. He reunites with the only friend he had in high school, Calvin “Golden Jet” Joyner (Kevin Hart), for a 20 year reunion but inadvertently drags Jet into his world of high-risk espionage. But Jet soon realizes that not everything is as it seems, as the line between good guy and bad guy start to get murky. He starts to wonder: is Bob Stone really who he says he is?

'Now You See Me 2' Doubles Up On The MAGIC!

They should have called it "Now You Don't". Missed opportunity there, if you ask me.

I am speechless. I am literally going to have a hard time writing this. Because right now, having just come out of the movie, all I can think of is…THAT. WAS. AMAAAAAAZIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!

I had high expectations. (An unavoidable consequence of having been wowed so immensely by the first film) So high in fact that I was afraid I was setting myself up for a letdown. But no, this movie met and exceeded all of those expectations. From the crafty action beats, intricate plots, and charming characters, to the twists, turns, misdirection, and grand reveals – every meticulously planned aspect of this film was pure magic!