4 New Shows That I So Desperately Want Other People To Watch


Oh god, there are some pretty great shows that started just a few weeks ago and since then I’ve been advocating them to my friends non-stop! So I figure, why not write about it?? I think they hold a lot of promise. They’re unique shows (in their own right) that you’ll immediately and ABSOLUTELY love! Or maybe that’s just me, I don’t know. Either way, they’re worth checking out!



I’ve been eagerly anticipating this show and I expected it to be really great. After watching the first episode, I’m happy to say that I was DEAD right. Get it? “DEAD” right? Hehe, so witty...

Ok, lame ass jokes aside. iZombie is a show about a smart, quirky female doctor who just also happens to be a zombie. But she’s not the growly, snarly kind of undead. For the most part, she still functions the way normal people do, except, well, with an appetite for brains. But it’s not all bad. With this brain diet of hers comes the ability of recalling experiences from the brain’s original owner; a skill she uses to aid homicide investigations.

It’s kind of like Warm Bodies meets Castle. A crime drama-slash-comedy – a crimedy!

It’s a really refreshing take on the zombie genre. When was the last time we had a light-hearted and fun tone on a ZOMBIE show? It’s so far from being gory. If anything, the “brains” look tasty! Even I want me some brains! And it’s that casual tone that allows for some of that obligatory CW relationship drama. Unlike other comic book shows, romance actually fits in this world.

And maybe the iZombie’s strongest quality is its female lead. Rose McIver, who plays the main character, Liv, is one part cynical, one part sassy, and all parts loveable! She’s also rockin’ that whole deathly pale look! The uptight but trusting detective and the curious co-worker are also equally likeable, adding levity to an already fun show.

As if we needed more reasons to love ZOMBIES!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Remember the Brendan Frasier movie, Blast from the Past? We’ll this sort of has the same concept. Kimmy Schmidt, and a handful of other girls, were locked away from society under the pretense that the world was ending. Or something. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. The only thing you need to know is that they were rescued and are just now coming back to the world. It’s a show about Kimmy Schmidt, a backwards woman, in the (relatively) strange, present world.

The show’s humor mostly comes from Kimmy’s ignorance, Titus’s (her roommate) sarcasm and defeatist attitude, and Jaqueline’s (her boss) pompous, rich-girl problems, but to say that it’s limited to that would be a disservice. It’s so much more. The witty, rapid-fire dialogue is packed with jokes, a lot of which, you’re bound to just miss.

But Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is not only an entertaining comedy, it also has a huge heart. Clueless as she may be, Kimmy reminds us that basic human decency will never be too old-fashioned.

It comes from the kooky mind of Tina Fey, who also co-created the groundbreaking comedy, 30 Rock. So in short, you’re in good hands. And it’s a Netflix show, so all 13-episode season was already released on the first week of March! You can watch the whole thing in one sitting! (If you have a high tolerance for jaw-aching humor!)

Man Seeking Woman


How I Met Your Mother on an acid trip.

…would be the best way to describe this show.

Jay Baruchel stars as Josh, a newly broken up 20-something man who’s trying his best to get back into the dating world. Throw in a few trolls in there, Adolf Hitler, a torture chamber, and a misplaced penis, and that’s this show.

We see Josh in various awkward or unpleasant social situations that men go through struggle with when looking for love - may it be how to handle meeting you ex’s current boyfriend, or being set up with a stranger, or replying to a text from a girl you just met. But these situations are viewed in a bizarre/surreal light. They’re the same familiar, relatable situations, except visualized exaggeratedly literally.

It’s so hard to describe. But I guess that’s what makes it so distinctive. And mind you, the show spares no expense when producing these crazy, hyper…realistic, relationship scenarios which makes it that much more fun to watch. Strange, yes. But still fun.

Admittedly, this show takes a little getting used to, especially because of its crude, and oftentimes, very offensive humor. But power through the first episode or two and you’ll start to appreciate the creativity and smarts behind this amusing oddball show.

Because when you strip away all that insanity, it’s really just a relationship guide for men. Something most of us hopeless romantics would appreciate.

So if you’re a fan of Jay Baruchel’s awkward man-boy humor, and you’re ready for a taste of weird, then this is definitely one to check out.

The Last Man On Earth


HILARIOUS! 4 episodes in and this is already one of my favorite shows! IT’S FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!

Phil is a regular joe, who inexplicably finds himself all alone in the world. And what do you do if you’re put in that kind of situation? All sorts of asinine shenanigans!

It’s a show where the writers are allowed to let their imaginations run wild! The cool “what would you do if you were the last person on earth” bits are hugely creative and amusing and I think it’s what sets it apart from other post-apocalyptic shows. It’s a show where the main character actually has some fun with the idea of being all alone!

Will Forte is brilliant! It’s very difficult to carry a show on your own, but Forte does so captivatingly and entertainingly! And for such a simple concept and a VERY limited cast, he exhibits a range of emotions I’ve never seen from him: from joy and excitement to desperation, frustration, genuine hopelessness. Forte’s every scene is just wonderful.

But it’s not just shallow, mindless fun. (Even to my surprise) The Last Man On Earth is actually very smart and reflective and even sweet. The show is a commentary about some pretty heavy themes; such as isolation, community, relationships. And ultimately, in a profound way, it tries to define what it is to be a man.

I’m trying my best not to reveal any more, because the surprise of where this show takes Phil is part of its charm. So seriously. Watch this. If there was only one show from this list you can choose, then this is the one!


Well there it is. Another list of shows I would really recommend. Most of them are comedies because…well…because happiness. Wouldn’t YOU want your TV shows to bring you laughter and a well-deserved relief from your daily stress? Well I sure do! So I hope you delight in these shows as much as I did! ‘Til the next list, dear readers! Enjoy!

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