10 SDCC '15 Things That Gave Me Man Tears


San Diego Comic Con, one of the two most important cons in any given year, just ended last weekend. The big wigs wait for this con to announce a lot of their new and exciting projects and release exclusive footage or merchandise.  The nerd community looks forward to this con maybe more than they look forward to their own birthdays!

And this year was no different. A lot of cool stuff were announced and just as a show of my own excitement, I wanted to share with you which of this year's SDCC news got all my juices flowing!

Special Mentions: Apocalypse first look, Ash Vs. The Evil Dead, Sherlock Victorian Special, Greean Lantern reboot called 'Green Lantern Corps', Arya Stark meets The Doctor, Vixen sort of joins the CW/DC universe, Archie goes to TV, Channing Tatum's first press appearance for Gambit and that epic superhero selfie.
10 Wolverine 3: Old Man Logan


Hugh Jackman: "I’ve got three words for you guys: Old Man Logan.”

Me: "Eeep!" (and other girlish screams.)

9 Suicide Squad Trailer

Deserves a spot for Harley Quinn alone! Gah! So Gorgeous!

8 New 'Green' Arrow suit!


Tactical. Efficient. Badass

7 New Comics


Batman and Robin Eternal - Batman Eternal was amazing; a sequel that focuses on the Robins? That's just icing on the cake!
Cowa-Batman! - Because it makes total sense for Batman to TEAM UP WITH THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!
Deadpool Spider-man Team Up - Just so we can finally put to bed the notion that they're the same person!


also...The Legend of Korra continues - AKA KORRASAMI FOREVER!!!

6 Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

Rick: "Feel differently about it?"
Daryl: "Yeah, I do."

5 Heroes Reborn!

Bad boy Chuck.

4 The Killing Joke animated movie


Has the potential to be one great animated film...IF they'll be able to retain the source material's disturbing and sinister tone and uncomfortably mature content.

3 An Animated Teen Titans movie


It's about effing time! And Justice League versus the Titans? If that doesn't excite you, I don't know what will!


2 More Characters to join the CW/DC TV Universe!

new characters

Hawkman in Legends of Tomorrow; Anarky and Mister Terrific on Arrow; Wally West, Jay Garrick and Zoom on Flash! When does the madness stop???!!!

1 Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice EPIC 3 min Trailer

And finally, the greatest gift we were all blessed with last weekend - a longer look at the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. One where I finally bought Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. And where we saw Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor, a trench-coat sporting Batman, and...Wonder Woman!!!

I think I have to stress that a bit more...




Too much awesome in one weekend! One day I'll go to one of those cons. SDCC or NYCC. One day. I swear it.

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