'Baka Siguro Yata' is Definitely, Surely, Absolutely a Hoot!

Last 2 days to catch these new indies!

9 Cinema One Originals Film Festival movies are currently playing on selected cinemas. Now I’ve already said before that I was never a fan of Pinoy movies, let alone indies, but after seeing some pretty good ones like Tadhana and Heneral Luna, I’ve abandoned my initial apathy in exchange for a more hopeful view.

Surely, definitely, absolutely a hoot!

The lineup this year seems promising but I’ve so far only had the pleasure of seeing one – ‘Baka Siguro Yata’. It may not have been the artsiest or most unique film but it was still a whopping joy to watch. This feature was the perfect blend of mainstream and indie sensibilities and contrary to its title, Baka Siguro Yata is surely, definitely, absolutely a MUST WATCH.

Director Joel Ferrer entices his audience with this quirky, hysterical, multi-faceted love story. It revolves around three couples from three different eras: one’s a divorced elderly and cynical couple that unexpectedly find a small ember of passion in their relationship; another is a younger couple, barely off their diapers, experiencing their first taste of love and maybe even sex; and finally one couple that’s somewhere in between, forced out of their comfort zone and at the verge of a full-fledged adult relationship.

Through a relatively straight-forward plot, Baka Siguro Yata examines three different incarnations of love - the innocent, the casual and the disillusioned. It provides insight for each and clearly depicts the stark contrasts of each generation’s view on love, sex and commitment. But while it’s a slightly modernized take on them, the core issues are nothing we haven’t seen before. The circumstances are cliché and ultimately predictable.

Stories you've seen before.

The three love stories are simultaneously intertwined and independent from each other. Ala Modern Family – multiple storylines interacting with each other and eventually culminating into a heartwarming wrap-up. It was refreshing and amusing to see it being applied on BSY, and so organically at that, but again, it wasn’t anything astonishingly new.

The tone was expectedly upbeat and the pacing dragged at times, presumably due to some awkwardly long scenes. Some of the dialogue was inaudible, but that may have been a cinema issue. In short, it wasn’t a technical marvel either.

‘Baka Siguro Yata’ wasn’t a heavy break from traditional Filipino cinema. But no one in the cinema, present company included, seemed to care. The way it was presented was just so honest and pleasant and so side-splittingly hilarious that you just get lost in this wonderful film.

It’s the ultimate relatable love movie since it LITERALLY speaks to all ages. That’s probably why everyone in the audience we’re laughing their faces off. (I could see Lolos and Lolas in the audience enjoying the film a lot too!) They were all probably thinking “It’s funny…coz it’s true!”

A solid cast with great comedic sense.

I admit, I probably laughed the hardest in the room (Sorry, Glorietta Cinema 1, Nov. 14, 2:40pm screening). This film has a peculiar but wonderful comedic sense. It was silly; embarrassingly and incredibly silly; but it was a silliness that ABSOLUTELY worked for the film and the cast. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously and embraces a certain level of slapstick.

This adorable film had an equally adorable cast. Ricky Davao and Cherie Gil had the cheesiest lines, and yet, with equal parts authority and sincerity, they made it work. Watching them was like watching cat videos on YouTube; you can’t help but aww at them. That kid, Boo Gabunada, who played can’t-wait-to-get-it-on Jinno, was admirable. He had to know how ridiculous he was being, right? Props to that kid's commitment to the bit. He had balls. The supporting cast were just as ridiculous. They’re juvenile antics were the best! This was a solid cast. Everyone was firing all cylinders! It was a riot!

baka siguro yata
Dino Pastrano is a revelation.

But Dino Pastrano, as the confused, loveable man-child, Carlo, is the one who really steals the show. Dino is a revelation. His gaudy and somewhat animated kind of acting made for a lot of huge laughs from the audience. His massive frame didn’t make him clunky or awkward, it just makes him all the more expressive. He has the charm to reel people in and make them sympathize with Carlo, then, BOOM, out of nowhere hits you with a sudden comedic punch to the gut. Dino’s one talent I hope to see more of in the future.

Out of all the entries this year, Baka Siguro Yata is probably the most mainstream. It’s almost a garden variety romcom but it is remarkably entertaining. In the end, isn’t that what filmmaking is about? Entertainment through the provocation of strong emotion – it’s something this movie thrives in. 'Baka Siguro Yata' is pleasant, mushy and bombastically hysterical and its cast completely captivates. Filipino indie cinema just scored another win.



Catch Baka Siguro Yata, or any of the other 8 films, while they’re still screening! Check out the screening schedules here!
Two chances left to catch it. But hopefully BSY does a Tadhana.

P.S. Using that in-story love song was sheer genius! It had me singing that ridiculous song for hours!

*First seen on the Philippine Online Chronicles!

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