'Batman: Bad Blood' puts the spotlight on the Bat Family


DC just released the third installment of their Batman animated features, Batman: Bad Blood. And the first thing I want to say is...FINALLY, A MOVIE ABOUT NIGHTWING. 

Well, sort of.

Batman: Bad Blood starts off with Batman disappearing. With Bruce gone, Dick had to step up and take up the mantle. Dick Grayson Batman, along with Robin, and a couple of new heroes, try to find and rescue Bruce, all while keeping Gotham intact.

Extended Family
Introducing the extended BatFamily.

Batman Bad Blood was all about family and the best thing about that is that it finally puts Nightwing front and center. In the past two movies, it's always been about Bruce and Damian, it's high time we saw Bruce's relationship with his original partner, Dick Grayson. 

Their brotherly and fatherly relationship could have been explored deeper.

It starts off promising, showing a reluctant, somewhat angry, Richard adopting his former mentor's identity. But sadly, I was underwhelmed by it's conclusion. It never gets ambitious enough or deep enough in exploring the dynamic. It stayed superficial. I was hoping Bruce and Dick would have a Bruce-Jason level confrontation at some point, but they never do. 

Nightwing 2
There were a couple of dramatic moment but they never really leave a lasting mark.

But all things considered, it was still a fun film to watch. Lukewarm arc aside, I'm still just happy about the fact that Dick finally got a little spotlight. Also, the action was still amazing! You felt every beautifully choreographed blow from Batman, Nightwing, Robin and Batwoman. The action do the characters justice. And finally, among the three movies, this was probably the funniest of all and the one where Alfred is his most badass! Batman: Bad Blood may lack emotional substance, but it's still one hell of a Batman movie!

Nightwing and Robin
I'm sorry. I know I'm a bit biased when it comes to these two.

+ The action, as always.
+ A much awaited spotlight on Batman's supporting cast.
+ Dick Grayson as the "fun" Batman
+ Alfred being Mr. Sassy Pants and an all around badass.
+ Robin's growth in the course of three films.
+ The surprise villain.
+ That final cameo.

Happy Batman
Happy Batman c/o Dick Grayson!

- Batwing felt shoehorned in.
- Lackluster use of Heretic.
- Didn't quite reach the emotional heights I expected. 
- Needed to see more of the Dick and Bruce dynamic and a resolution to Dick's emotional arc.
- Dick Grayson wearing a chain. So 90s.

Oh Heretic...You could've been quite the adversary.


Only a few more left and the line-up will be complete!

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