Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Some things are worth melting for.

FINALLY! After weeks of hearing all about how good Frozen was, I finally got to watch it!!! With...eherm...a few guy friends...

And for the first time in forever, the movie went far beyond my already heightened expectations!

Frozen. One of this era's best animated musicals.

Frozen is about a queen with uncontrollable ice powers and her sister who tries to help her. The plot is relatively simple, but there were some twists in the end that you wouldn't have expected a Disney movie to go. But the movie's real strengths were its wonderful music and amazing visual effects.

The music was so good that I couldn't help immediately singing along to Do you want to build a snow man? The lyrics were perfect and the vocals were superb! You'd expect it from a diva like Idina Menzel, but I was pleasantly surprised that Kristen Bell could sing so well! Jonathan Groff, who voices Kristoff in the movie, was a Glee alum. It's a shame they didn't utilize his voice as much though. A duet with Anna would've been nice. But nevertheless, the music was moving and put a lot of heart into the movie. I loved it and I can't stress it enough!

Frozen-Posters-frozen-33492103-1080-1600 Frozen-Posters-frozen-33492107-1080-1600
Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel providing vocals for sisters Anna and Elsa

And while your ears enjoy the songs, your eyes are enchanted by the insanely beautiful visual effects! The ice was its own character. It was soft and loving at times, and dangerous and heavy handed in others. The ice was telling the story with the characters. It's almost as if animators just found out how to utilize the full capacity use of today's technology, because Frozen's visual artistry was on a whole different level! Watching Queen Elsa's Let It Go sequence was breathtaking! Frozen was truly magnificent to watch.

(Side note: Anybody else remember Fairy Tail's magic circle when the Queen does the floor snowflake thing?) 
Step aside Sub Zero and Iceman. Can YOU make an ice castle? And an ice DRESS?

Frozen, for sure, will be another gem under Disney's belt. The lovely songs and the visual effects made for one truly magical movie experience. My only regret was not watching it in 3D. Hopefully I get a chance in the future. But for those who still haven't, don't miss out. This is a wonderful family or date musical animated movie!

PS. Did I say I love the songs? Because I did!

For a movie revolving around ice and snow, this movie had a lot of warmth.

The new coming out song.

Ang tunay na lalaki, nanunuod ng Disney movie kasama ang kapwa lalaki.

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