Dreamland 1: Zombies and Piglets

The dream world is so weird sometimes. So much so that some of it makes for interesting and funny stories, so I might as well share and get people's thoughts on it. And here's my first! A dream I just had, on Christmas day no less! (Bare with me as my story is rather detailed so you can appreciate how my mind works.)


I was a teacher in my dream. And I was in a classroom that was made of glass, but it was reinforced. Only the room was lighted so beyond it was just darkness. you could only see up to where the room's lights could shine. I was by the door, and when kids would come in, it was my responsibility to open and close the door before unwanted visitors come inside our room. and by unwanted visitors, i mean zombies. Yup, we were a FUNCTIONING class in a zombie apocalypse world.

This is sorta what the room looks like, only bigger. And James Bond is a zombie.

The view from inside our room.

Me, a really old guy and a girl were the teachers. In one class I scolded a few kids for lumping together and laughing at something they were watching on their tablets. Then a couple of guys started fist fighting a few minutes after. The lady teacher aggressively stopped them and brought them to the principals room, which was another glass case room outside ours. Their parents were brought in as well. One of the parents brought in their infant kid. this infant kid was a piglet. And in my point of view in the dream, it made sense.

Yeah, I see it. It DOES look like a baby.

The "staff" was asked to take care of this pig baby who had a knack for running around. The pig got away from me and a couple of friends (who were suddenly in the dream too). My two friends pointed me to where the pig was and it was outside, on the streets. (No more zombie theme.) so i tried my best to stop the coming traffic so as to not run over the piglet. The piglet ran around and now has the ability to turn into a ball form to roll or bound around. like sonic the hedgehog. It made it increasingly difficult to catch now. it bounced around in a garden then made its way to a PVC pipe with an opening the size of a large tumbler. I panicked in the dream! Because somehow i knew that the pipe led to an alligator infested sewer!!! And i couldn't follow!! all i could do was wait. And i fell asleep waiting.

The gateway to the alligator infested sewers

When I woke up, the ball-pig finally came up. I caught it and it was hot. the sewer was hot for some reason. But I could still hear the baby pig breathing inside the ball. But it was stuck. the ball was a coating made of aluminum foil covered with electric tape. (Not sure why that happened but just go with it.) I cut it off then inside, the baby pig got roasted! NALITSON!

Litson. Who wouldn't want Litson?

It was alive though, beneath the crunchy layer of litson skin was a healthy layer of skin. It was as if the baby pig shed skin and the old skin got cooked. My dad saw me and told me "hugasan mo na lang, makakain pa yan." (Just wash it, you can still eat that) It was super crunchy and it smelled sooooo good! Part of my didn't want to ruin it by soaking it with water and I was so curious...and hungry for the taste....but the other part of me was thinking "e galing kanal to eh." (This came from the sewers.) But ultimately, I did the unthinkable...

.I took a bite of my baby pig's roasted skin from the sewer.

It tasted good. It was disgusting. But it was good. Til i ate a part that wasn't as crunchy, that was when I realized, "Shet, galing kanal to." (Shit. This came from the sewers.) I then started washing the skin and the piglet. and that's when I woke up. In real life.

So what do you think this all meant? Was there a profound message to it all, or was I just hungry and disgusting? Til next time! In another episode of Dreamland!

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