Adventure Hijinks: Don't Panic! Be Quick! Breakout!


There's an app on iPhone called Escape If You Can. In the game you have to get out of a room by looking for clues and figuring out puzzles. You usually just click around for the clues. You search behind paintings, under chairs, in drawers, everywhere! It's insanely frustrating, it's remarkable that I kept playing it as long as I did. 

But frustrating as it was, nothing beats the sensation of finally finding that hidden key, or that missing clue that makes everything make sense. Now imagine those feelings and multiply it by 10 - that's what it felt like when we played Breakout!

A really dramatized look at what Breakout is.

Breakout is the latest brainchild of the guys behind the Outbreak zombie run. (Outbeak, and now Breakout; they've already run out of names using "break" and "out".) It's another immersive, themed game where the objective is to escape a room using only what's available inside. It's not a break down the door kind of game. It's intuitive. You use your powers of deduction to solve riddles, find clues and ultimately, unlock that frigging door!


Breakout currently has 3 different theme rooms to choose from: Room 13 (creepy motel), The Prison Room, and Adarna's Lair (zombie world). All three have varying difficulties, The game is 45 minutes, and while there's a recommended number of players per room, you can go in with however many people you want. (Try it alone! Go ahead! I dare you!)

The prices are as follows:
For 1-2 persons: P600/pax.
For 3-4 persons: P500/pax.
For 5 and above: P400/pax.

You can pay online (with additional P50/pax), deposit payment at a bank or walk-in. But online payments are the most ideal because you can already book a date and time as you're paying.


We tried the Adarna's Lair. It was scary, thrilling and fun. You get to play make believe with your friends and you get to laugh, and scratch your heads, and run around panicking together! Without going into specifics, I can say that there's a lot of book scanning and furniture flipping and riddle solving involved. You're not going to be asked engineering questions or anything like that, don't worry. It's just common sense stuff. Can't give too much away for obvious reasons so you just have to got there and try this very unique interactive experience. When you do, know that everything you need to Breakout is right in front of you. Don't panic. Just think, plan, solve, and get the hell out of there!

Tried and failed with Bett and her barkada. But we'll get it next time!

Breakout is located at Paragon Plaza Ground floor Reliance St., 
corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila 1550, Philippines. 
For more info on how to register, and how to prepare for the game, check out their website:

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