Shake It Up! at Taste of Heaven Milkshake Bar

Move over milk teas of the world, the age of milkSHAKES has arrived!

I know it's not revolutionary, but they're certainly making a comeback! I've seen and tried some of the new milk shake places but few are as thick and flavorful than A Taste of Heaven Milkshake Hub!

IMG_4072 IMG_4080
Thick and tasty! My kind of milkshake!

A Taste of Heaven Milkshake Bar has a lovely story. Three friends hang out every week, and one of them just genuinely enjoys making milkshakes for her friends. The shakes were just so darn good that it was inevitable that they turned it into a business. In July 15 of this year, another wonderful store was added to the Maginhawa's foodie selection. (Good news archers! They also just opened a branch at One Archer's Place, Taft!)

IMG_4083 IMG_4089 IMG_4105 IMG_4094 IMG_4095
Sweet and snug interiors.

There's a wonderfully wide selection of milkshakes at A Taste of Heaven!  But to help you choose your first shake there, their best-sellers are the Speculous Cookie Butter flavor and the two flavors Bett and I tried. BanaNutella and Banoffee are new flavors that are doing pretty good too!

Pretty expansive menu for a milkshake bar!

Bett and I tried the Toffee Brittle flavor and Choco Loco Crunch flavor! 

10668311_10154667956335347_1927974516_n 10705036_10154667967370347_1505781443_n
We loves our milkshakes! (From Bett's cam)

Toffee Brittle had a vanilla-caramel flavor with a nutty note. I'm a huge vanilla fan, so I loved it! Bett's Choco Loco Crunch had small choco bits! So I was chewing chocolate while finishing it! And the chocolate even tasted like Ferrero Rocher.

IMG_4092 IMG_4073
LOW FAT Milkshakes made from premium, imported ingredients!

Sir Leo and his partners' love for milk shake making didn't stop when they opened their store. They still come out with new experimental flavors that they offer in their "limited" menu. Make sure to try those too!

New milkshake products from a consistent milkshake passion.

They've also got some food items there that I hope to taste when I go back. Their best-sellers are their TLC (Tender Loved Chicken), Almighty Burger and OMG Chili Wings!



A Taste of Heaven Milkshake Hub is a small, simple, unassuming place that deserves so much more attention because they offer some of the best milkshakes you can find in the metro! So next time you're having a meal in Maginhawa, make sure to drop by after, grab a shake, and find out what it's like to have...A Taste of Heaven!


A Taste of Heaven Milkshake Hub
is located at 71 Maginhawa Street, UP Village, QC
and One Archer's Place, La Salle Taft, Manila.
They're open from 12nn - 11pm on Mondays - Saturdays 
and 12nn - 9pm on Sundays. 
To get news on new flavors and other info, follow them on Facebook!

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