Flash VS. Arrow: Who Would REALLY Win?

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If we're basing the fight on the CW series, then yeah, sure, Arrow might stand a small chance, given CW's Flash is a total idiot. (Seriously, if he knew how to use his powers better, every major villain fight would end in a second!) But if we're basing it on Flash's abilities in the comics, then hands down, it's no contest, Flash will no doubt come out on top.

How? Here's a few ideas:

1) Run around the world and give Ollie a punch he'd never even see coming. Fight over.
Flash slow down
This should hurt.

2) Carry Ollie through impossible speeds. The air friction would tear him apart! Fight over.

3) Right when Ollie shoots an arrow, carry him, then place him where the arrow will go. Fight over.

4) Do it the old fashioned way, punch really really fast, really really hard. Fight over.

Heh, classic Flash.

5 ) Use the Cosmic Treadmill to go back in time, prevent Ollie from being stranded on an island, and effectively stop the Arrow from being created. Fight over.

Or, you know, solve other more important problems than trying to beat Arrow.

6) Vibrate to the point that he phases through solid objects, grab Ollie's heart and squeeze. Fight over.

Yes comic noobs. He CAN do that.

7) Carry Ollie over the middle of the Atlantic ocean and just drop him there. Fight over.

8) Carry Ollie to the north pole and just leave him there. You could even take his clothes off if you're a real sadist. Fight over.

9) Twirl those arms in a circular motion to blow Ollie away. Preferably towards a wall. Fight over.

Flash will blow you away! (Budubum-tsss!)

10) Run in a circle at high velocity to create a tornado and aim it at Ollie. Sure, it's probably gonna kill everything else along the way, but still, fight over!

He's so powerful, even he can't control his powers!

And I'm just getting started! There are soooo many ways. But this sounds like such a one sided post so let me make it fair and say the one thing Green Arrow could do to beat the Flash...

Be Batman.



I kid though. I love them both.:) And CW's Arrow slightly more than Flash even. If he had time to prepare, he could probably cook up a decent strategy to counteract super speed, like anti-gravity arrows, or lubricant arrows. But anyone could admit, Flash's has got some edge on this match up.:)


  1. HAHAHAHA Flash will no doubt win talaga:)) poor Ollie:))

    1. No doubt yo!:))

      And don't worry, he'll win in the series.:D