5 Awesome Gifts You Can Give A Nerd This Christmas

 Drool-inducing gift ideas for people who love comics, movies, TV, and anime!


I’ve been to a lot of bazaars and when I’m there, I’m always on the lookout for cool and unique items that cater to my pop culture love! And with Christmas just around the corner, and as the upstanding, publicly responsible nerd that I am, I wish to share a few of my favorite finds! Here are my top 5 things you can give a nerd on Christmas!

1 Keybie Café Accessories

If you’ve got a lot of people to give gifts to this Christmas, then this is the perfect choice for you! Keybie Café offers hand-made charms called Keybies with designs that cater to almost ANY fandom, may it be an anime character, an obscure movie reference, or TV show icon! I’ve seen these guys in countless bazaars, and I’m telling you, their selection is MASSIVE! And these little cute things are real easy on the pocket, just around P50 a piece! Keybies make for an economic, but personal, gift for all your nerdy friends!

Chibi-style art will charm your socks off!

Each Keybie is created using scrap materials.

From Kaneki Ken to Groot to No Face, the range is uncanny!

Products: Keybie cellphone straps, key chain rings, dustplugs, bookmarks, pens and mugs.
Price: Keybie cellphone straps only cost P50! Smaller sizes cost P30, while a larger size costs P65.
Where you can buy them:
   1.    keybiecafe.com (where you can also find the latest designs and product releases)
   2.    JAE Collectibles, Lower Ground Building B, SM Megamall, Ortigas
   3.    CSCENTRL, 2/F Greenbelt 1, Makati
   4.    Anime Conventions: Best of Anime, Ozinefest, Otaku Expo, Cosplay Mania, and Toycon.
Upcoming Bazaars:
   1.    Xmas Toycon, Dec 12 – 14, Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall
   2.    Ozine Figure Special, Dec 27 - 28, Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall

2 Authority Hoodie…Hoodies!

Wanting to become your childhood hero (or a beloved character) is something I’m sure all of us have dreamt about when we were kids. And that sensation never truly disappears.

It’s something Authority Hoodie (Ah!) understands very well. Ah! gives us that elating feeling of make believe by way of their pop culture inspired hoodies! Ah!’s jackets are so well designed and so faithful to source material that they practically serve as both a very stylish everyday jacket AND a really accurate Halloween costume! And these jackets are not cheaply made mind you. The material used and the fabrication quality is top notch! So if you have that one friend who keeps wearing those superhero shirts (and there’s ALWAYS that one friend), you ABSOLUTELY need to get them an Authority Hoodie! Trust me!

IMG_4682 IMG_4739
I wear mine loud and proud! (Ah!’s old Robin hoodie and their new Assassin’s Creed one!)

IMG_4687 IMG_4758
REAL pop culture FASHION.


Products: High quality, character-inspired hoodies/jackets! Also recently started selling onesies and a Baymax plushie too!
Price: Varies between designs, but generally around P1,200 per jacket. (P800 for the plushie!)
Where you can buy them:
   2.    Email: authorityhoodie@yahoo.com
   3.    Order pickups at Silly Labuyo, 738 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong.
          (Or just have them delivered to your doorstep!)
*They update available designs fairly often so make sure to follow them! (And order ASAP, so you don’t run out!) Check out available designs here!
Upcoming Bazaars:
   1.    Xmas Toycon, Dec 12 – 14, Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall
   2.    Ozine Figure Special, Dec 27 - 28, Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall

3 Pop Junk Love Plushies

Everybody loves plushies! (Pillow-like stuffed toys) Plushies are adorable. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, a kid or an adult, plushies will always be adorable. That’s, like, a fact of life!

And Pop Junk Love is the absolute best place to get your plush love fix! Not only do their plushies have high quality handy work and fun and detailed character designs, but they’re also handmade from scrap material! And if there’s still scrap from making the big pillow, they use it for their smaller key chain toys! PJL has an environmentally friendly and zero waste philosophy you really have to admire! (“Pop Junk”, heh, get it?)

IMG_4642 IMG_4672 IMG_4635
From large size plushies, to smaller ones!

Pillows, key chains, purses, aren’t they all adorable??

Product: Character-inspired plush toys and key chains! As well as bookmarks and cord bundlers.
Price: Plushies cost P600 and up (depending on character design), while their key chains, bookmarks, and cord bundlers range from P50-P150
Where you can buy them:
   1.    Facebook: www.facebook.com/popjunklove
   2.    Email: popjunklove@yahoo.com
   3.    Fab Manila, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati
   4.    UP Handog inside UP Diliman
   5.    Alabang Town Center New Mall in front of Giordano and Guess
Upcoming Bazaars:
   1.    Rockwell Tent, 1st weekend of December
   2.    Burgos Circle, 1st weekend of December
   3.    Xmas Toycon, Dec 12 – 14, Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall
   4.    Christmas Finds Bazaar, Dec 13 – 14, Cuenca Court, Ayala Alabang Village
   5.    La Vista Bazaar, 2nd weekend of December
   6.    Resorts World Bazaar, 3rd weekend of December

4 Clay All Day’s Clay Figurines

If you want something that’s a bit more artistic, I would suggest Clay All Day’s pop culture character figurines! Ms. Mae Chan, the artist, sculpts her figures without the use of moulds and she enjoys giving character designs a unique spin at every go. So no two pieces, even of the same character, are ever the same. If you ever decide to give someone Ms. Mae’s clay figures, you have all the right to say that it’s a ONE OF A KIND GIFT!!!

IMG_4618 IMG_4622
Talk about genre diversity!

No two statues, even of the same character, are the same!

Product: Hand-sculpted and painted character polymer clay collectible
Price: 1" charms are P350 and 3" figures are P850 - P950 (Custom price will vary on design)
Where you can buy them:
   2.    Email: hbchan.hc@gmail.com
   3.    Two arts and crafts fairs: 10a Alabama (E. Rodriguez area) and BGC Art Mart

5 Wonder Pop Mugs

Whether it’s in the office or at home, a mug is something anyone can definitely use! So if you’re a practical gift-er, then give your loved ones a Wonder Pop mug! Wonder Pop’s mugs have these adorable artwork made by independent artists. Some are chibi characters from different genres, while others are tv show quotes or icons. This mug shop has an unprecedented design range!

A mug might be a generic thing to give, but there’s nothing generic about Wonder Pop! Who wouldn’t want to drink from one of Louis Litt’s “You Just Got Litt Up!” mugs? Or from a mug from Saul Goodman’s law office?

I’ve already got 5…and counting!

IMG_4658 IMG_4660 11373123054_5d512c7501_o

Product: Mugs with adorable chibi-style artwork (and then some). They also have a shirt line!
Price: P200 per mug, around P400 - P500 per shirt.
Where you can buy them:
   1.    SoFA RETAIL LAB, 2/F Archeology Section, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati
Upcoming Bazaars:
   1.    World Bazaar Festival, Dec 5 – 21, World Trade Center, Pasay
   2.    Christmas Finds Bazaar, Dec 13 – 14, Cuenca Court, Ayala Alabang Village


Start marking your calendars if you wanna see all these cools gifts in person. But if you’re not the shop in crowded spaces type, go hassle free and just order online! However you get em, there you have it! Gift ideas that would wet the mouths of any fan boy/girl out there! It’s Christmas! Spread the love and all this pop culture goodness!