Chicken Fury at Tornado Peri Peri Chicken!

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Tornado Peri Peri Chicken is like a box of never know what you're gonna get.

...and that, my friends, was the cheesiest intro I have ever written in my entire life. But it's still pretty accurate. In more ways than one, Tornado Peri Peri Chicken was a giant surprise to us when we visited!

With a space so small it could only fit around 3 tables, and a brand called Peri Peri CHICKEN, there was a certain expectation that formed in my head before going in. I thought it was just another place with really good grilled chicken. Ala Mang Inasal. But what we saw was something a whole lot more than that.

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Good thing seats extend to the sidewalk at night.

Okay, first, it's not good's EFFING GREAT chicken! It's marinated so expertly that the taste seeps through the deepest recesses of the meat! Then it's roasted to perfection making each bite as tender as possible and sealing all that juiciness in! And it's final, grill finish, gives their chicken that smokey aroma and crunchy exterior to die for.

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What usually takes 45 minutes to prepare at home, Tornado does in 15!

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And voila! The Tornado Peri Peri Chicken! 

And then there's that sauce....mmmm, that goddamn sauce....that delicious...spicy...oh so delectably deadly, peri peri sauce! It's what makes Tornado's chicken so special! Peri peri literally means pepper pepper! So be ready for some heat! But sensitive customers need not worry, because Tornado offers 3 different sauces that vary in spiciness intensity: Original (which is practically not spicy at all), Tiger's Fury and Dragon's Breath.

IMG_4589 These amazing sauces we get to enjoy took them 2 years to perfect!

I tried the Tiger's Fury sauce. After my first bite, I thought to myself, "Well this was nothing!" But then I started sweating. And my scalp started to itch (which is what happens to me when I eat spicy food). That's when I realized, the spiciness of their sauce isn't upfront. It creeps up on you like a ninja then gives you that kick when you least expect it!

We also got to try the Dragon's Breath sauce. I felt the heat go through my nose with that one! But it's still really good though, and the heat is manageable.

My deliciously spicy Tiger's Fury Peri Peri Chicken!

And Bett's milder, but equally tasty, original sauce Peri Peri chicken!

Okay, so having really great chicken wasn't really that big a surprise since it IS called Tornado Peri Peri CHICKEN. But they've got so much more to offer than just that. They've got steaks, burgers, ribs, wings, fish and chips, wraps, quesadillas, sides, name it, they probably have it! 

It should be called Tornado Peri Peri EVERYTHING!

They best-seller is their 1/4 Chicken and quarter slab Ribs platter with a side dish. (P320)

IMG_4606 IMG_4611
Left: The ribs were really generous, and the meat falls off the bone!
Right: Blueberry Cheesecake (P120)

You can trust that all of the food on their menu are not simply so they have something else to offer. The quality is guaranteed by owner, Chef Kelvin Ang, who trained in Culinary Arts in Autralia and worked at Hyatt Hotel before staring Tornado. Along with his business partner...and partner partner, Arianne Bautista (who handles the business side of things), they concocted a menu that perfectly blends Portuguese and American cuisine with the Filipino taste!

Their mission: to provide you with mouth watering Peri Peri Chicken!

Tornado Peri Peri Chicken
Thanks Ms. Arianne for having us! (Photo from Bettina Bacani!)

Shame on me for judging a book by its cover. I seriously did not expect such an unassuming little place to have a menu so ambitious! In taste AND in size! It exceeded every expectation I had. From the quality of their chicken, the scale of their menu, and the speed and attentiveness of their service, everything in Tornado Peri Peri Chicken is going to blow you away!

Tornado Peri Peri Chicken

104 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
 Open from 11am - 11pm!

1680 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, corner Los Angeles St., Cubao, Quezon City 
Open from 11am - 12mn!

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