Disney Gets A Huggable Superhero!

When Disney and Marvel copulate, this is what you get...

.....A RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME BIG HERO 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laser swords, roller blades and a flying robot best friend - it's every boy's dream come to life!

Disney animation only recently brought us Tangled, Wreck It Ralph and Frozen, and now THIS? Leave it to those guys to make any character incredibly loveable and any story bring you to tears!

It's not the team I've come to know from the comics. Because in the comics, Baymax was a total killer (I mean that as an expression), Honey Lemon's purse was a portal and Wasabi was frigging Japanese! But I'm glad they only loosely based their characters on the comic book counterparts. They streamlined their abilities and histories to make them so much more accessible to the public.

From these guys...

big_hero_6_cover bh6

to these guys...

Lost a lot of testosterone but hey, still hellova lotta fun!

Speaking of accessibility, the plot is relatively simple and easy to follow. Not surprising for a Disney movie. But where the plot lacks in complexity, it makes up for in the feels. The movie is essentially built around the relationship of the 3 main characters: Hiro, Tadashi and Baymax. And it's a relationship that's built so well and crafted so intimately, that a hug, or a fist bump, or a brotherly smile is felt beyond the screen. It's hard not to cry over a few things, and grin like an idiot in others.

Hiro's loving older brother, Tadashi.

Just like when Hiccup flew with Toothless, this put a perpetual smile on my face.:)

Come to think of it...

There ARE a lot of similarities!

And then there's everything else. Every thing else was quality work. The supporting characters were very distinct and fun. The animation was brilliant! Those touching moments wouldn't have been as effective without the subtle but diligent work they put in every expression or movement. The action is energetic, inventive, vibrant and visually stunning. And all that while having a backdrop as lush and lively as their fictional US-Japan hybrid city, San Fransokyo.

Hiro, Baymax and the rest of their dynamic and lovable team.

Big Hero 6 is a simple, but genuinely heart-melting story about a boy and his robot best friend. It succeeds in sustaining interest without the story being too convoluted because of its vibrant visuals and ultra kinetic action beats, and ultimately, Baymax's awkwadorableness.

So yes Baymax, we are very satisfied with your care.:)



I love you, Baymax!

PS. Just another on of the more drastic changes...

36-img-14 big-hero-6-honey-lemon

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  1. 8/10??? It's an 11!!!! My new favorite animation. <3 <3