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I looooove meat! I'd date meat, take meat out on movies, cuddle with meat, and make babies with meat. That's how much I love meat!

And if you wanna talk meat love, then you gotta talk about Philly Cheesesteaks! It's a sandwich sandwich loaded with thinly-sliced pieces of steak covered with melted cheese! It's not as big here in the Philippines but in the US, along with burgers and hotdogs, cheesesteaks are a classic!

Dat meat though...

And it's time for us to get with the program! Good thing RBy's decided to bring this classic sandwich here!


"RBy's" could either mean real beef, or the initials of the 2 owners, sisters Rowena and Bernadette. They offer diners one of the tastiest and most authentic cheesesteaks you can find in the metro! So authentic, in fact, that they're basing it from cheesesteaks actually made in Philadelphia! 

Philadelphia-themed interiors, for a Philly steak centered menu.

Because Rowena lives in Philadelphia! It's because of her familiarity with the sandwich that RBy's taste is so authentic! While Bernadette, a food tech graduate and former restaurant manager, was practically destined to run her own food business!

And how was their food? Insanely tasty!!! We got to taste their best-sellers, the Classic Philly Cheesesteak and their Knockout Steak Burger!


The Cheesesteak meat was oozing with flavor! And it's such a joy to chomping down on that chewy, chewy meat! And if you wish to have even MORE meat, it ain't no problem! You simply have to add P80 for more of that juicy, cheesy steak meat!

The Classic Philly Cheesesteak (P160) is so meateh and cheeseh!!!

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The prim and proper way to enjoy a cheesesteak sandwich.:)

The Knockout Steak Burger on the other hand is a thing of beauty. A succulent steak burger patty, topped with crunchy lettuce, juicy tomatoes, a slice of cheese, huge caramelized onions and BACON! The taste and mouth feel blends so perfectly! It's sure to knock your tummy out!

Knockout Steak Burger (P195) patty is made from the more tender, leaner, steak part of beef!

Aside from the sandwiches though, we got to try the latest addition to their menu - the Penne Vodka. It's essentially a tomato-based penne concoction with a hint of vodka! Don't worry, you're not getting drunk off of this pasta, but instead you'll taste that soft kick of vodka with the tomato's delectable sour taste.

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Penne Vodka (P160)

And finally, the drinks...their oh-so-wonderful drinks! Their drinks are so much fun 'coz they come in adorable little mason jars! They're so colorful and pretty, not to mention, actually pretty good! (I know, not the manliest thing to say, but hey, it's true!)

Just add P65 to any sandwich to get fries and a drink! Your choice between iced tea or lemonade!


And it's RBy's Steaks and Shakes for a reason. They have a strong selection of special shakes that's sure to tickle your sweet tooth. But it's the worst nightmare for anyone who's on a diet, 'coz it's made from 100% ice cream beaten to a smooth, creamy finish! But go ahead! Indulge! You deserve this!

Banoffee and Salted Caramel Milkshakes (P165 each) for dessert!

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Both were good, but between the two, I liked the Caramel more!

I need to come back here. I need to try their Hoagie Cheesesteak (basically a cheesesteak sandwich with veggies) or their Cheesesteak on the Dog (a hotdog...WITH CHEESESTEAK! WUHT?!) They opened just last January, and already the place gets filled up pretty darn quick! During the Maginhawa food fest, they ran out of stock right after LUNCH time! Grabe! A lot of people must love meat as much as I do. And if you want to see for yourself why their sandwiches are such a hit, come on by at RBy's Steak and Shake!

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RBy's Steak and Shake
is located at 152A Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Vill., Q.C.
They're open EVERYDAY! From 11am - 10pm!
For more news and updates, like their Facebook page now!


  1. thank you so much mr. michael alegre and to your lovely partner.

    you did a wonderful review on our products and not only that, your photos were amazingly vivid and gracefully enhanced. me and my sister are so grateful you have chosen us for a blog and it was a privilege to be included here at your blogspot.
    By the way, i love your site. very informative, gives honest review, straight forward and not bias.
    God Bless you more and hope you would dine with us again.

    Rowena and Bernadette

    1. oh thank you for your compliments on my blog.:) im happy someone finds it informative.:) and of course, I will be dropping by there again soon enough! I'll bring my brothers, they'll like it, I'm sure. We're all very huge meat lovers.:)