10 Things People Do Online That I Hate


Social media is an outlet for self expression. Although self expression is a good thing, it doesn't necessary mean I'm supposed to like everything people express! Every so often I go on Facebook or twitter or instagram and I see posts that just makes me wanna cringe.

So here are 10 things people do online that I hate with a fiery passion!

10 Game Invite Barrage

Okay, one invite is fine. Two, sure. But come on, inviting people to play an online game once a week is just abusing it! If we didn't want to join before, we won't want to join after a couple hundred invites later!


9 Abs-elfie

Okay, as a disclaimer, I don't like this now. But when I get washboard abs of my own, chances are, I'll probably start doing this too. But for now, NO. Stop taking photos of your abs, you douche bag! 


BONUS HATE: So you're taking a photo of your abs without showing you face? Why IS that? Are you ashamed of being THAT guy? The abs pic taking guy? Either that or you probably got one ugly mug.I hope it's the latter, because I believe the universe is fair.

Takes pic of abs without showing face...nakakahiya daw kasi.

8 Advertising your Location


Telling people where you are (and what you do) all the time is just asking for trouble, isn't it? And what is the point? Are you hoping people would come to where you are and say "Oh, what a coincidence!"? You feel like you're some sorta celebrity? Well you're not.

But hey, stalking is now so much easier because of you, so congratumalations.

7 Internet Trolling

Ever heard of the saying "if you've got nothing good to say, don't say it"? Well Trolling is when someone has nothing good to say, but says it anyway just because he can. It's being a d*ck for the sake of being a d*ck.

Trolls, always finding ways to turn positives into negatives.

Video of Kobe's most awesome dunks
Troll = "Kobe's gay."
Video of Ronaldo's football skills
Troll = "MESSI!"
Status that says: "What a beautiful morning!"
Troll = "No it ain't!"
Status that says: "Crush replied to me!"
Troll = "To tell you to stop texting."

Trolls would say anything to elicit an angry response and at times, even gets abusive. For obvious reasons, not a lot of people are gonna appreciate this.

6 OVER-hashtag-ing

One or two is fine. But there's a point when it's just too much.  #hashtag #overload #kainis #onlineproblems #annoyingsobra #annoyingonsobranaonineproblems #cantgetenoughofhashtags  #socialmediapauso #hashtagisdabest #thatsnotevenrelatedanymore #nofilter

BONUS HATE: When people spell out the whole word is even worse! "Hashtag tryingtobewitty." Ooooh, wow, how creative. :|

5 Selfies at Inappropriate Places

I do the occasional selfies myself, but even I think there are wrong places to do it in.

A) Bathroom Selfie


...like the bathroom. If you're gonna use the bathroom, USE THE F*CKING BATHROOM! That's where you pee and poop man, do you really think it's attractive to take pictures where you do number 1 and number 2???

and on that note...

B) Gym Selfie

...an even more inappropriate place to take selfies! Just like the abs pic, this just screams douchebaggery! Taking a pic at the gym is equivalent to pulling up your sleeve, flexing your arms and giving your guns a kiss.

Yeah right. You're "working out".

4 Chain F*cking Letters
Chain Letters have been around since my phone was still a Nokia 3210! Although it's considerably lessened since then, it still annoys me when see some going around every now and then. (This "I nominate so and so" fad is quickly becoming something similar.) Seriously? Do you really believe there's some internet karma god out there monitoring your statuses??

Also please take note...

Share this article and tag 10 of your friends and in 3 days all your wildest hopes and dreams will come true. And Christine Reyes or Derek Ramsey will also be knocking at your door tonight, you know, for good measure. Ignore it and you will lose the most precious thing in your life and probably die a horrible death. Probably.

3 Pity Post

"My heart hurts so much. Fate is wishing me ill. He's given me all the pain in the world. I wish it would just all end.

You're life-threateningly depressed and you have time to post about it on Facebook and Twitter? Srsly? Normal people would have an intimate talk with a close friend. Or drink. The only time pity posting is okay is if you don't HAVE any real friends and all you have are these shallow relationships online.

You know what, that IS depressing. You go right ahead and post your sad shit.

Not sure if sad or just an attention whore.

BONUS HATE: What's worse is when people post something that just vaguely resembles disappointment like ":(" or "BV!" or "FML.", hoping that someone would ask what was wrong. Well WE DON'T GIVE A F*CK!

2 Duck Face





When did smiling stop being good enough???

The only person you're likely to attract.

1 Spoilers!!!

F*cking spoilers.

There is a special place in social media hell for people who do this.

I really will.

Hey believe me, I know what it feels like to be over excited about something you just watched, but c'mon people, have some decency here! When you post a spoiler, you're essentially ROBBING people! You're robbing them of the shock for a plot twist or the trauma for the latest character death on Game of Thrones. Twists, shocks factors, these are what makes some shows so enjoyable.

So is that what makes you happy? Do you get your kicks from taking away JOY??!! For shame!


I know how you feel Jackie.

Self expression is as much a responsibility as it is a right. Exercise your right, but please, be responsible. Stop annoying the shit out of the rest of us!

PS. Forgot one more thing I hate. There's that one guy who always complains about other people!


PPS. For those outraged by this post, CALM, the fuck, DOWN. It's just a humor post! It's rant-ertainment.:) And it's just my opinion. If you disagree with anything here, that is totally fine. Just "disagree honorably."

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