Caffera: Picture Perfect Project


A good photograph, needs no explanation. Just one look and you already know it's something special. In the same way, Caffera need not be explained, but only appreciated for its one of a kind aesthetic.

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In case you missed it, Caffera is a photography-themed cafe. It's the cafe hipsters never knew they wanted. It came from the very creative minds of 4 entrepreneur students from UST - Jyka, Gab, Kevin and Jizelle. Caffera is their thesis project, and it's been 3 years in the making!

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Those are REAL cameras on the wall!

You gotta appreciate the ingenuity of these kids. Given their limited resources, they've become DIY masters! Their interiors weren't made by some fancy designer. They made everything from scratch! Using strings, cans, print-outs, styro, they made everything come together perfectly!

Pins with small camera printouts.

IMG_6684 IMG_6734
Left: Lenses-turned-pin light. And in the background, photo printouts over makeshift styro canvass.
Right: Real movie reel (Real reel, heh.) used to outline the glass windows. 
Can you guess what John Lloyd movie that is?

IMG_6743 IMG_6740
Can art: Pen and pencil holders on the left and DIY camera-shaped ash tray on the right. 
And Kev, the guy behind the ash tray concept!

A wire-frame structure for photos found in their restroom...IN THEIR RESTROOM!

Caffera offers diners an assortment of different drinks and desserts. We had the pleasure of trying some of their best-sellers! It was very sweet of them. (Get it? Sweet? Dessert? Ahhh, never mind!)

IMG_6704 IMG_6715
Right: Red Velvet Cupcake with a chewy camera fondant on top! (P80)

Choco Chip Smores (P110), kinda pricey, but definitely a must try here! It's sinfully delicious!

Cheese spuds (P50 for 5 pcs)! They're amazeballs! Like fries, except rounder, cheesier, and 10 times more awesome! (Okay fine. It's nothing like fries.)

Lomo Latte Pixel (P85) Sometimes, you're just gonna have to ask what they are, coz they have the craziest names!

IMG_6738 IMG_6707
Left: Bett enjoying her Latte. Right: The sweet and fruity Grenadine Gradient Soda (P80)

IMG_6719 IMG_6717
Their delectable and refreshing, Tiramisu Frapperture Megapixel (P140). I loved this drink!

Their very long and pun-tastic menu!
The difference between their pixel and megapixel sizes.
Also, lens mugs! Cool!

IMG_6727 IMG_6756 IMG_6742 
A few other items not on their menu. I wonder if the paninis are camera shaped too...

Gab is a trained and certified barista. You know, in case you were doubting the quality of their coffee.

Photography and coffee may not have been the most obvious choice for a combination, but that couldn't be less true for the 4 owners of Caffera. Each of them plays an integral part - Jyka, the photographer, handles marketing, Gab, the barista, handles operations, Kev, the baker, handles the HR stuff and Jizelle, handles all things financial - and it's admirable how well they blend and work together. These students have already accomplished more before even graduating than most adults do in their yuppie years! Keep it up guys!

We're CLEARLY all batch-mates. Thanks again guys!

You'll notice that I deviated from my normal, wordy approach in this post. It seemed appropriate that I let the photos define the cafe. Caffera's photography and cafe fusion exudes creativity and the loving hard work behind it. From the interiors to the drinks and desserts, Caffera is picture perfect!

Caffera Photo + Cafe
is located at 2/F Dona Zenona Suites, 54 Maginhawa St. cor. Mahusay, UP Village, QC
Follow them on Facebook here!


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