Raining (Spider)Men @ Cosplay Mania 2014


From Left: Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man, May Parker (?) Spider-Girl...I donno...Spider-Dwarf?, Black Suit Spidey, Spider-Man Noir, Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman, Regular Spider-Man behind her and Leinil Yu Spider-Man.

I haven't seen so many spider people in one place! Probably because this is a relatively young group of cosplayers. They call themselves Spider-Verse PH. Check them out on Facebook! 

Cosplay Mania 2014 floor! Gets bigger every year!

This was taken last October during Cosplay Mania 2014. I usually take a lot of photos during events like these but this year I toned it down a bit. I was with my sibling for the first time, so I decided to use my time there bonding with them more than taking photos. That we needed to leave real quick. But still, I've got some pretty good ones I'd like to share.

The Cosplayers

I love the detail on that Leinil Yu spidey!

But this guy! He took his spider-man on a whole 'nother level! 
The best Spider-Man cosplay I have ever seen!

IMG_4123 IMG_4172
Left: Wearing a Flash costume before the show even started! Right: A match made in heaven!

IMG_4183 IMG_4170
Filipino heroes represent yo! Sandugo's Sandata and one half of Trese's Kambal.

I hear gas masks are making a comeback.

Feels like they're compensating for something...I'M KIDDING! SHEESH!

IMG_4128 IMG_4163
Left: Seriously, this guy MADE that??? 
Right: Props to this girl, not only for her San outfit but for also trying to make her wolf!
Also, Ichigo is being a total creeper.

I was really trying to take a picture of V, when these two just suddenly showed up! I swear!

IMG_4167 IMG_4165
Not sure where she's from but her light up gun/sword thing is hella cool!

Everyone just lost cosplay to this guy.

The Toys

You missed half of your life if you didn't catch the live action movie! (Also, THIS is how Sano should look! Why did he have to look like he never took showers in the movie??)

Please let this be the next live action movie!

IMG_4153 IMG_4151 IMG_4138 IMG_4137 IMG_4142b IMG_4143
Shut up and take my money!...is what I would've said, if I had any.

That's about it. My other photos were kinda meh, so. I'll take better ones next year. See you then CosMania!

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