3 Reasons To Still See Jupiter Ascending


Every one keeps saying Jupiter Ascending was a bad movie. Well here are THREE reasons to still watch it!

Visual Spectacle
It's a gorgeous thing to behold. The Lady Gaga-esque costumes, the enormous space ships, the different worlds concepts were bea-u-ti-ful. It is one attractively imagined galaxy, no doubt about that part.
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Capitalistic Commentaries
As with any Wachowski film, this movie's laced with social criticisms. In Jupiter Ascending's case, it's about the extremes of corporate and capitalistic culture. You could even say it's a critique on the value of life.


And the top reason for watching Jupiter Ascending...

FINALLY! The legendary Sean Bean actually lives through the whole movie!


That said though, here are a LOAD of reasons not to watch it:

1 Okay story but bad delivery
2 Got convoluted in all of its intrigue and conspiracy
3 Odd, boring pacing
4 Underutilized and underperformed cast
5 Ineffective humor
6 Glaring CG backgrounds
7 Occasional disorienting dog fight scenes
8 God-awful overdone performance of Eddie Redmayne (Balem) (He was going for sinister, he just ended up with awkward.)
9 God-awful "Love story" subplot
10 Fat Channing Tatum (Relative to his Magic Mike abs)

Well, fuck you too.

But it really wasn't that bad though.:)

MICMIC RATING: 5.5/10 (If only for the stunning visuals and intention behind the story)

Star Wa...err, Jupiter Ascending!

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