Pop Culture's Famous Love Triangles

cycjean - wolvjean

Are you pining for a woman who’s also being courted by another guy? Sucks, don’t it? While I can’t tell you what to do to come out on top in situations like these, I CAN tell you that you’re not alone. Love triangles have been a mainstay in pop culture romances since the beginning of time! Check these out and maybe you can learn a thing or two that can give you that edge you need to get your girl!

In Comics:

veronica - archie - betty

Archie – Betty – Veronica

The most classic comic book love triangle, Betty and Veronica have been fighting for Archie’s affection since the comic’s early years in the 1940’s. Betty is the sweet, wholesome blonde while Veronica is the conceited, spoiled rich girl. And while it’s easy to root for just one of these girls, Archie still can’t seem to decide which one of them he likes better. Archie is SO indecisive, that they actually released two versions of Archie getting married, one with Betty and another with Veronica. Which of these girls will Archie end up with? We may never know.

wolverine - jean - cyclops

Wolverine – Jean Grey – Cyclops

What happens when two alpha males (or alpha mutants) are in love with the same red-headed bombshell? Mutant mayhem! Wolverine and Cyclops are both X-Men, teammates, heroes, but how could they work together and trust each other when they keep butting heads over a girl (among other things)? In the books, the 90s X-Men TV series, the movie trilogy, we always see these two duke it out time and again. Wolverine and Cyc may never see eye to eye on a lot of things, but one thing’s for sure, when push comes to shove, those two will still have each other’s backs, especially when mutant lives are at stake.

barry - felicity - ollie 2

Barry – Felicity – Ollie

This one is more pronounced on the TV series than in comics. If you watch the TV show Arrow and its spin-off The Flash, then you know that Felicity jumps back and forth from both shows to go on adventures with the two leading men – Flash (Barry) and Arrow (Ollie). One makes her loins tremble at the sight of his rock hard abs and sexy, mysterious aura, while the other is her intellectual equal and understands her the way no one else could. The hot jock vs. the best friend, sound familiar? Who would you root for? The Bow or the Bolt?

In Young Adult Novels:

edward - bella - jacob 2

Edward – Bella – Jacob

While I’m not a big fan of the Twilight series, I can’t deny the fact that this is arguably the most influential (and notorious) love triangle of this generation. The Twilight series may as well have started this whole love triangle trend in teen romance novels! Tween girls shriek at this cheesy love story of the pale, glittery, emo vampire Edward, always-looking-for-an-excuse-to-take-of-his-shirt, werewolf Jacob and the apple of their blood-thirsty eyes, the annoying and emotionless Bella. When the movie adaptation came out, it only made the shrieking even louder!

peeta - katniss - gale 2

Peeta – Katniss – Gale

Now THIS is a franchise I can really get behind! More for the adolescent royal rumble than the teen drama…obviously. Katniss Everdeen isn’t really the shining example for a faithful girlfriend. When she’s chosen to represent her district in the annual mandatory kill or be killed tournament called the Hunger Games, leaving her long-time boyfriend Gale, she inadvertently falls for another contestant in the tournament, Peeta. But I guess you couldn’t blame her, trying to survive a murderfest together would do that to you.

Also, in case you were wondering, I’m totally team Peeta.

In Foreign Movies:

There’s a sundry of love triangles in movies, particularly romantic ones, from Bridget Jones’ Diary to My Best Friend’s Wedding. But when it comes to MY brand of movies (that is, nerdy ones) there are a few that stand out.

luke - leia - han

Luke – Leia – Han

There’s no love triangle more messed up than THIS on this list. Luke Skywalker, Master Jedi and star of the first Star Wars Trilogy, is initially aided by the devil-may-care pilot, Han Solo, to rescue a captive Princess Leia. From here, a series of misunderstandings ensue. Luke and Leia share a kiss, Han starts to have feelings for Leia but can’t act on it because of bro code (which is apparently honored throughout the galaxy), and then they all find out Luke and Leia are actually siblings! So yeah, I imagine this was a far more traumatizing experience than getting your hand cut off with a lightsaber. Hey, but at least Han is happy!

marty - parents

Marty McFly – His Mother – His Father

Remember when I said there wasn’t going to be a more messed up love triangle that the Star Wars mishap? I take it back. THIS is one takes the cake.

Just when you thought time-traveling was all fun and cool, this happens to Marty McFly. Marty goes back in time and accidentally meets his then teenage mother, who, in sweet, incestuous fashion, starts hitting on him! And if that wasn’t problematic enough, Marty starts to disappear from existence since his mother would have never been with his father. So Marty does all he can to make his mom, who likes her son, to fall for his dad, who sorta hates his son for getting in his way, so that he’d have still been born!

Time travel, am I right?

In Local Movies:

derek - everybody else

Derek Ramsay – Girl 1 – Girl 2

Derek Ramsay is so hot that a typical movie plot for him usually involves two hot women battling for his affection. He’s so hot that movie producers generally just go, “Okay, let’s get Derek Ramsay, slap a couple of famous actresses in there, have them both be Derek’s love interest, and boom, there’s our blockbuster!” Hell, he’s so hot that I wouldn’t be surprised if even dudes want a piece of that hunk o’ man.

Even though this entry doesn’t include 3 people, Derek surely deserves to be mentioned in a list of love triangles. He’s just so (goddamn) famous for always being in one!

In Other Things:


Lindsay Lohan – Drugs – Alcohol

Lindsay Lohan had a long and wonderful relationship with both drugs and alcohol.

dr horrible - penny - captain hammer

Dr. Horrible – Captain Hammer – Penny

If you’ve never watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, please, do yourself a favor and watch it NOW. It’s only the greatest musical creation of all time! (Okay, I exaggerate, but it’s REALLY GOOD.) It’s a three-part, musical comedy web series from Director Joss Whedon (Avengers, Firefly, Buffy) about an aspiring super-villain, Dr. Horrible (played by Neil Patrick Harris) and his hidden love for Penny, a girl from his laundromat. But being a super-villain can sometimes get in the way, especially when superheroes like Captain Hammer (played by Nathan Fillion!) are there to thwart his every move, in super-villainy AND in love!

It’s the most awesome love triangle no one ever knew existed.


Love triangles are complicated. There’s always going be that one person who ends up getting hurt (unless, you know, all THREE of you end up in the relationship). But what are you gonna do, right? You can’t just back off every time a third party is involved! The best ones are always the ones you fight for. So get your game face on, do your best Derek Ramsay impersonation, and maybe, just maybe, you can come out on top!

*First seen on the Philippine Online Chronicles!