Damian Wayne Has Daddy Issues


...with Batman as your dad, WHO WOULDN'T have daddy issues??

DC recently released Batman Vs. Robin, the direct sequel to last year's Son of Batman. While it's generally accepted that sequels are usually worse than the original, it DEFINITELY isn't the case for this one! Batman Vs. Robin is more captivating, more violent, and more emotionally-charged than its predecessor and I haven't had this much fun with an animated movie since Under the Red Hood!

Damian Wayne struggles between what he's been trained to be by the league of assassins and what his father is trying to teach him now: Justice, not revenge. It's further complicated by the appearance of Talon, a vigilante from a secret organization of Gotham's elite called the Court Of Owls. Talon is willing to do what Bruce isn't - to kill - and he offers Damian a place at his side. Now Damian must choose whether he still wants a future with a father that doesn't believe in him, or to accept his nature and accept Talon's more lethal brand of justice, renouncing everything it means to be a Robin.


In it's core, Batman Vs. Robin is a character study of Damian Wayne. It's about this rebellious kid, who's used to getting everything he want, but just can't seem to get his own father's trust and respect. He believes himself worthy, and yet can't ever seem to do right by the Bat. His search to find himself within two opposing tenets and his complicated (yet totally entertaining) father-and-son dynamic with Bruce is the movie's emotional core. 

Totally lived up to its title!

Personal and family drama within a superhero context and you've got yourself a great new addition to DC's stellar animated lineup!

The Good Parts

+ Powerful and vicious physical action
     The fights were AMAZING! I CAN NOT stress this enough! The choreography was superb. Each blow is well thought out and delivered aggressively and with almost tangible force. And it was never afraid to get appropriately violent.

nightwing vs robin
Nightwing Vs. Robin, just one of the films many amazing action beats!

+ Strong emotional component 
     It's seen not only in the dialogue but even in the fights. Some battles are elevated by the glaring RAGE and frustration.

+ Epic final battle!
     I can't even talk about this...for your sake. Just know that it is JUST. TOO. AWESOME!!!!!

+ Damian Wayne Robin
     Just...everything about Damian, and how he transforms from being a little prick, to being somewhat likeable. I never much liked him, even in the comics, but now he's grown on me.

+ Written with just the right amount of  personal drama and criminal intrigue
+ Lives up to the father and son tension of the source material
+ Batman and Nightwing chemistry
+ Alfred being proactive!
+ (Spoilery) Cameo of...BAT-DAMIAN! (Seriously, how awesome was that?!)

Always so awesome seeing these two together.

Le Bad Parts

- Doesn't have the level of mystery and conspiracy the original Court Of Owls storyline had
- Sometimes gets confusing. Talon's role within the Court isn't properly established.
- ...Which is why Talon's motives get a little murky in the end.
- Nightwing still doesn't have his own movie!!!

Not the same, sinister organization I knew from the comics.

Dick Grayson will always be the Robin I'm most fond of. But more and more, with the release of the last 2 movies about him, Damian is poised to be the definitive Robin of this generation and he deserves it. I hope, somewhere down the line, a movie about ALL the Robins is made, so it can explore the different brotherly relationship that those young men have. But for now, this is enough. Drama, action, zombie-secret society-assassins, Batman vs. Robin is impossible not to enjoy. Any self respecting Batman fan can not, and should not, miss this!


DC Comics Animation Batman Vs Robin Movie 017
PS. Weird Al Yankovic voicing The Dollmaker was so perfect!

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