9 Kickass Fictional Schools We'd All Love To Go To!

Xavier School 3

Go to school!

It’s the mantra responsible parents all have. But as children, we rarely ever saw the value of academic study. I remember the sheer joy of finding out classes were suspended, or when the bell rings at 4pm and it was time to go home, or PE. But I’m sure not all children/students find school so bemoaning. Especially if they’re going to these (fictional) schools!

1) Hogwarts (Harry Potter Series)

Duh! Of course Hogwarts! Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the school of freaking MAGIC! It’s is the epitome of awesome fictional schools ‘coz it’s where your wildest dreams can actually happen! Flying brooms, Quidditch (basically football in the air), chocolate frogs, face-altering potions, levitation spells, invisibility cloaks, teleportation flames, Wizard tournaments, dragons, giants and Butterbeer! What part of what I just said isn’t already making you want to pack your bags and hop on the Hogwarts Express??

2) Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (X-Men)

Xavier School 2

The Xavier institute is where mutant kids go to master their powers and abilities. Under the tutelage of Charles Xavier and the original X-Men, the Xavier institute has been giving mutantkind a safe haven where they can feel normal, accepted and loved. Ever since its creation in 1963, it’s always been a school for outcasts, both fictionally and metaphorically. It’s what made X-Men such an evocative and relevant read in the 60’s.

Danger Room
Where I'll spend my entire day - the Danger Room!

But feeling ashamed about having powers is beyond me. Having powers would be AWESOME! I’d train with the X-Men in the Danger Room all day and let my powers loose! Absolute mutant power mayhem; seems like a great way to spend a school day.

3) Camp Half-Blood (Percy Jackson Series)

Camp Half-Blood

If you’re the outdoorsy type of person, then you’re gonna love Camp Half-Blood. It serves as a training site for demigods – the children of Greek gods like Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, etc. (doesn’t get more exclusive than that!)

While enjoying the security provided by the camp’s magical borders, the demigods learn about Greek mythology and culture while also being trained in old-school combat! These include, but aren’t limited to – sword fighting, archery, wrestling, Pegasus riding, monster slaying, armor maintenance, rapid riding, javelin throwing, weapons making, and volleyball. (Because who doesn’t need a little volleyball time?)

You had me at sword fighting, Camp Half-Blood.

4) Avengers Academy (Avengers)


Established to shape super-powered children to become heroes, Avengers Academy is more of a training camp than an actual school. It’s sort of the superhero Westpoint. With the fate of the world possibly being in your hands at some point, it’s sure to be tough as heck.

But one of the perks of studying in Avengers Academy is that you literally get to meet your heroes! Classes are occasionally taught by the likes of Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, and Spider-Man, who’s great at dishing out words of wisdom. If hearing Spider-Man say “with great power, comes great responsibility” doesn’t inspire you and make you wanna work your hardest, I don’t know what will!

5) Jedi Academy (Star Wars)

Jedi Academy

The academy is the first step to becoming a peace-loving, galaxy-protecting, lightsaber-swinging, force-wielding Jedi! Although a galaxy far, far away, may be a bitch of a commute, wouldn’t you still want to go and learn how to Force Push? Or discharge lightning from your fingertips? Or do Jedi Mind Tricks! All while mastering your inner Zen…

But really, all I had to say was: LIGHTSABERS!!!!! As the great and wise Yoda once said: “Very cool, Lightsabers are.”

Jedi Training Academy
Incidentally, there’s a Jedi Academy in Disneyland. 
I would imagine the real thing kinda looks like this.

6) Battle School (Enders Game)

Oh the FUN!!!

This militaristic school was created to train children combat acumen and warfare strategy so they can be future officers of Earth’s international forces against an alien race called Formics.

Battle School is a mix of classroom lectures and interactive battle simulations. But the absolute coolest thing about Battle School is the Battle Room - a large, anti-gravity arena where student “armies” battle. It’s agawan base meets laser tag meets FLYING! WHAT UP!

I would go to Battle school and NEVER EVER LEAVE! To play with your friends, shoot energy pistols at each other, and float through space all day would be the absolute best!!!

You know, mass genocide aside.

7) Bayside High / Angel Grove (Saved By The Bell / Power Rangers)

bayside high angel grove

Angel Grove and Bayside High are as normal as schools get. But it’s not so much the school that’ll make you want to go class here as it is the students you might come across in the hallways. Bayside is the home of 90s cool kids Zach Morris and his barkada - Screech, Slater, Kelly, Jessie and Lisa. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d go to class just to get a glimpse of Tiffani-Amber Thiessen in her prime.

Angel Grove on the other hand, might be a bit hazardous to students because of the weekly monster attack, but rest assured, no harm will come to you, especially when Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Tommy, the original 6 Power Rangers, are going to school with you. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’d go to class (and risk my life) just to get a glimpse Amy Jo Johnson in her prime.

8) Mckinley High (Glee)


Any school where students just randomly burst into song seems like it’s gonna be a blast! I would love to be one of those random students in the background that just jump in out of nowhere and dance at a surprisingly proficient level.

9) Video Game High School (VGHS)

Instead of going to school, would you rather just play video games all day? Well what if there was a school FOR playing video games???

This is probably the most obscure entry on this list. VGHS is an independent online series by the amazingly talented Freddie Wong. Video Game High School is an institute dedicated to training the best gamers of the world; where courses include First Person Shooting, VS Fighting, Racing, Rhythm Gaming, and the like.



Ahhh but alas, if only real schools were as cool. Guess we’ll just have to settle for our muggle/mortal/homosapien classes.

What school would YOU love to go to that I haven’t listed? I’m sure I’ve left out a lot of cool ones. Sound off on the comments below!

Credits: Thank you to Stef Sau for for helping me compile this list.:)

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