#SoMuchFeels : 'Inside Out' Review


Adorable, sweet, funny, goofy, touching, clever, complex and colorful.

Inside Out was a smart deconstruction and re-imagination of how our brain and psyche works as well as essentially being one of the best coming of age movies this year. 

Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness.

Every little thing - every action taken by the characters, every location inside "brain land", every contraption and mechanism in the story - represented an abstract psychological concept. It was magnificently imaginative and profoundly meaningful to audiences of all ages.

I wonder what my core memories are?

From its loveable characters, the easy story, the sudden but powerful dramatic beats, to the gorgeous concepts and designs and the whimsical appeal, EVERYTHING, was perfect!

When you think about it, they're kinda like the Power Rangers to your Megazord.

Take me to the moon, Bing Bong.

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About Riley and about Riley's mind all at the same time!

Brought to life by this powerhouse cast!

In short, as my brother kept saying over and over during the drive home - it was beautiful.

I got teary-eyed. TWICE. A grown man almost crying to an animated movie and I'm not even ashamed! If I learned anything from Inside Out, it's that everybody needs a good cry every once in a while.

So go ahead Sadness, turn on the water works! I want to cry now.

MICMIC RATING: 10 / 10 !!!

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