2015 Fall TV Shows To Watch!

A tattooed Jane Doe, a devil-clad serial killer, a mind enhancing drug, a girl from outer space, a sleeper agent in the FBI, and a world that needs heroes – here are some of the new shows this fall that I recommend for anyone looking to start a new addiction.



Forgotten identities, government conspiracies, unexplained assassin skills, action, thrills and a whole lot of intrigue; Blindspot is Bourne the TV series!

A Jane Doe (Jamie Alexander, Thor’s Lady Sif) mysteriously appears in the middle of Times Square. She has no recollection of who she is, how she got there and why her body is covered in tattoos. When the FBI investigates her case, they find out that each tattoo is a clue that leads to a national threat and that their Jane possesses skills only highly trained operatives could have. An amnesiac super-agent with a body riddled with clues – suddenly this mystery woman is one of the FBI’s most valuable assets. 

Jamie Alexander is one of the strong points of this show. She's inherently tough on the outside but vulnerable on the inside and can comfortably pull off demanding action scenes.

Who is this woman? How does she know how to do the things she does? Who put those tattoos on her? How is an FBI agent whose name was branded across her back connected to all of this? How did she fit in that duffle bag? Blindspot is a show with enough mysteries to keep you interested.



It’s Psycho meets Naked Gun in this new dark, somewhat slapstick, star-studded, slasher whodunit comedy series. (There’s so many things going on, you really don’t know how to call it!)

Kappa Kappa Tau is a sorority filled with pompous, entitled, elitist, b*tches (So…a sorority, basically) and its president, Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) is its Queen Mother B*tch. But someone in a Red Devil get-up is killing the sisters one by one. Which one of the pledges could Chanel have pissed off enough to be the killer? Or was it Chanel herself? Or was it someone outside the sorority altogether? The creators promise a hefty death toll by the end of the season and only then will it be revealed who the fashion-challenged serial killer is!

Scream Queens is chockfull of caricatures and over the top comedy, but its talented cast is so committed to the bit that it actually works!

Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk were also the minds behind the teen hit Glee and the definitive horror show of our generation, American Horror. Scream Queens feels like both shows knit together and wrapped in a flamboyantly pink bow. If you have a taste for the macabre, Glee’s sharp deadpan humor and heavy-handed social commentaries on today’s youth, then Scream Queens is the perfect new show for you!



I loved the movie, and I love its TV counterpart!

It’s believed that humans can only access a fraction of the brain’s capacity. But what if you could access all of it? What if you can remember every memory, see every detail, and feel every fiber on your body? With the ability to tap into your brain’s full potential, the applications are virtually LIMITLESS.

Enter mediocre middle-aged man, Brian Finch, who stumbles upon a pill that lets him do just that. As practically the smartest man on the planet, he aids the FBI solve crimes with deadly efficiency.

The pilot starts off slow and kinda drab but it quickly shifts into hyper gear once Brian takes his first NZT. It’s as if you took the pill too!

The TV adaptation borrows its visual style from the original movie. Every change in color grading, or camera angle, or movement and dialogue speed, or digital graphics applied, are all calculated to simulate going into NZT-mode. It’s visually dynamic and inventive and is easily one of the most appealing things about this show.

The protagonist, the premise, and the visual treatment, are all dazzling. I’m excited to see what other amazing applications the writers come up with for a perfect human mind.



Who doesn’t know Supergirl??

Cousin of Superman? Alien from Krypton sent to Earth and has super-strength, invulnerability, flight, x-ray vision, heat vision and freeze breath (among other things)? Ring a bell?

Even though it also comes from the same producers, Supergirl is a few shades different from other DC TV properties like Arrow and Flash. Supergirl isn’t gritty like Arrow, or flashy like, well, Flash. Supergirl is a lot more dainty and sunny. Imagine Zooey Deschanel was a TV show.

It doesn’t really stand out as a superhero show but more of a coming of age/finding yourself light drama where the powers are just a side note. (That airplane scene though, it’s a classic! Gets me every time!)

While Melissa Benoist has all the qualities to pull off an a tough and reserved Kara Zor-El, the show itself still needs a little more oomph. But then who am I kidding? It’s frigging Supergirl! So of course I’m still watching it! And hopefully, down the line, this show crosses over to the rest of the DC TV universe!



Is there a Philippine equivalent for Quantico? Coz if there is, sign me up! Gun range sessions, investigation assignments, interrogation classes, and I’m pretty sure they’ll eventually cover undercover spy shit – HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

Alex Parrish and other promising young candidates start their FBI training in Quantico. They are considered the best and brightest; each one with the unique skills that make effective future agents. But 9 months later, we find out that one of these trainees was a covert operative involved in what would be the most devastating attack on the US soil since 9/11. And only Alex can uncover which one was the traitor.

Quantico combines the high-stakes government drama of Homeland with the flash forward and whodunit format of How To Get Away With Murder. It has some pretty dark moments but the good-looking cast, their youthful back-and-forth, and the exciting FBI courses, gives this show a bit more levity compared to those two. A unique look into the lives of FBI hopefuls and a captivating overarching mystery will get you hooked to Quantico!

Oh and did I mention the good-looking cast? Alex Parrish is portrayed by Priyanka Chopra, the winner of the 2000 Miss World Pageant! Reason enough to watch, if you ask me!



Okay, so this isn’t really a NEW show. It just kinda is? It’s a reboot, or revamp, or special miniseries of the original 2006 hit, Heroes. Whatever it’s called, the bottom line is it’s one of the most anticipated shows this fall. And if you were a fan of the original series, you can’t miss Reborn!

Heroes Reborn follows individuals with incredible powers trying to cope in a world where they are feared and hunted down, unaware that there are forces guiding them to their destiny – to come together…and save the world.

A bajjilion kinds of powers, strong action and drama, a shadowy government division, super heroes and super villains, basically all the elements of what could have easily been a live action X-Men series – what’s not to love?!

Not enough for you? Alright then. How about cameos from the original series? And a scary new villain played by nerd icon, Zachary Levi (Chuck)? Sold? Good.


That should be enough TV to get keep you occupied until my next list of shows. Enjoy, fellow TV addicts!!

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