Halloween is in the air!!!

Halloween is fast approaching and I am so excited! I’m a grown man but the idea of dressing up, even for just one night a year, still excites me! It’s an excuse to shed off your normal self for something fresh and radical! But alas, I’m very much aware that I'm the minority in this. Some people are too lazy, or too old and crusty, or just plain uninterested to get off their butts to make an effort and find costumes. But if you’re like me and you just want to have fun this Halloween, and want your friends to join in on the celebration, then here are some RIDICULOUSLY EASY HALLOWEEN THEMES that hopefully even your most reluctant friends will be willing to do!

1 Celebrity Carnival

This guy gets it.

Anyone ever tell you that you look like a certain celebrity? Well it’s time to embrace it and bring out your inner superstar! Dress up as your favorite celeb or the one who you allegedly look like and have a star-studded night with your friends! I know this is going to take a bit of effort, but hey, at least you don’t have to change anything on your face, so that’s…something.

I've been told I looked like Ryan Agoncillo...Wonder what brand o' weed they were smokin'?

Make it even more Halloween-themed by only dressing up as DEAD celebrities! That should make things more amusingly grim!

2 Monochrome Midnight

Like THIS. Except less attractive.

I don’t think it gets simpler than just dressing up in a single color. Blank or blue are the easiest colors to pull off but other colors could be fun too. It’s a simple theme but it has the potential to look really cool when everyone commits. An all-white party would look stylish and posh, while an all-red one would be fittingly macabre.

The biggest challenge though is finding the pants and shoes of your chosen color AND actually pulling it off! All black, no problem; but can you imagine yourself walking around in bright YELLOW pants? It takes a certain level of confidence to pull THAT off! Good luck!

3 Superhero Shirt

Like THIS. But with pants, maybe. Especially if you're mostly dudes.

Everybody has at least ONE superhero shirt these days. With the age of comic book movies upon us, superhero-themed shirts are easily available at Greenhills or Divisoria or almost any of your local mall’s department stores. Everybody wearing their favorite comic hero is the easiest, cheesiest, and most generic theme to do on Halloweens. (Well, next to monsters or zombies, I guess.)

It’s so generic an idea that it isn’t even exclusively used for Halloweens! I’ve once been in a wedding with the same, undemanding, outfit theme! (Under the formal wear, of course!)

4 Pajama Partey

Guess it'd be too much to ask for ACTUAL pajamas, huh?

It’s not very common here to wear the traditional pajama set, so you can just settle for “everyone wear what you do when you sleep.” No need for anyone to buy anything, or look for anything. Keep it casual. Heck, in this case, SUPER DUPER MEGA EXTRAORDINARILY casual.

Just imagine how funny it would be when you look back on your Halloween pictures and see your whole barkada sipping on wine while dressed in ridiculous pajamas! And the best part? Right after your party, YOU CAN GO STRAIGHT TO BED!!!

5 Corporate Cosplay

suit up
Power wear the shit out of Halloween!

Is your group too old to dress up colorfully? Too mature for make believe? Then own it! Own that crustiness! Be loud, proud corporate robots and party in your sharpest office attire! Power wear the shit out of Halloween!!

It’s the polar opposite of having a pajama-themed party. While the former was extremely casual, this one is painfully FORMAL! It’s going to be a tough sell to ask your friends to suit up but I’ve come up with the perfect pitch for them…“Guys, pwede ba tayo mag FORMAL sa Halloween? Gusto ko lang sana maexperience ang prom eh…” Tear up a bit and you’ve got yourself a Halloween formal!

6 Happy Hatters

Easy, wacky, FUN!

You don’t have to change your WHOLE outfit to be in costume. One particular article of clothing you could totally play around with is your caps!

Have everyone wear a unique hat – a baseball cap, fedora, beret, construction helmet, bowler, do-rag or even that Mickey Mouse hat from Disney. It’s colorful and kooky and fun! If you have a wacky group of friends then Mad Hatter night is just the theme for you!

7 Mustache Madness
Imagine this on everyone's face!

I don’t know why but mustaches became a fashion thing in the last year or so. And not even the actual facial hair, just the cartoon mustache! I saw it on shirts, jewelry, bags, etc.! (Not sure how people would react if someone actually had a villain-stache on.)


The idea is simple: someone makes cutouts of the mustache and sticks them on every guest’s face. Yep, EVERY guest. Girls included. It’s like a masquerade…except for your nose. I’m not sure if the trend still exists but regardless, everyone sporting (and occasionally twirling) that fancy John Watson / Captain Hook / Pringles facial hair is just too ridiculous and it’s sure to be effing hilarious! Just TRY not to crack up with those fake-staches on!

8 The Clique’s Collective Characteristic

Recreate a photo from your high school days!

Find your common denominator! Were you all 90s kids? Then wear your old elephant jeans and impractically loose shirts. Did you all come from the same high school? Then try to recreate your old school uniform. Are you all football players? Then put on your favorite team’s jersey. Do all of you have multi-colored underwear? …Well you get the idea.

There’s always going to be something that unites your barkada, may it be your childhood interests or current professions. Determine that and finding a costume should be easy AND exciting!


Any one of those is a potential Halloween theme!

Now this is some worst case scenario, threat level 5, contingency planning right here. If there’s still that ONE guy, who doesn’t want to play along with any of the ideas mentioned above (coz there’s always that one guy), then use a theme that doesn’t demand ANYTHING from him – come as *insert name of stubborn friend here*!

I kid you not, this is what my barkada and I are doing this year. We have a friend who never wants to wear costumes so we decided to dress the way HE usually dresses! Coz we all have “a look”, whether we admit it or not. We have a style or a distinct feature that our closest friends can spot for sure! So if you also have that one friend who doesn’t want to participate, imitate him! It’s the highest form of flattery!

A fun alternative for this is having every guest randomly and secretly pick another friend to dress up as. It’s sort of Secret Santa for costumes! You get to make fun of your friends by exaggerating their features or pointing out quirks that they don’t even know they had!


These are the easiest themes I could think of. I hope it helps you enjoy the holiday a bit more! If you and your friends are doing something else that’s also fuss-free, sound off on the comments below! I would love to get more ideas for the coming years! Happy Halloween everyone!

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