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Movie Review: Justice League Flashpoint Paradox


Marital affairs, decapitation, amputation, disintegration, enemies turned heroes, and heroes turned mass murderers. This world’s gone loco!

Based on the DC event entitled Flashpoint, Flashpoint Paradox is DC’s latest animated movie release. DC has had a sterling record in releasing quality animated shows and movies, but this is probably one of their best yet!

The greatest thing about Flashpoint Paradox is that it defies the norms of a Justice League movie. Flash inexplicably finds himself in a world very different from his own. A much darker place where his closest allies are at war, he’s lost his powers, and heroes are scarce. The very premise of the movie promises a fresh perspective into our beloved DC franchise.

Run, Flash, Run!

Flash comes into his own in this movie. In this dark, tired world, Barry’s sincerity and determination is the shining beacon of hope. He gives the movie heart. While Flashpoint Batman gives a glimpse of what could happen if Bruce went too far. Aquaman and Wonder Woman, two characters who are often underrated, are unleashed as they show us just how brutally powerful they really are. it was also fun to see relatively new DC characters join the fray. Like Young Justice’s Aqualad and Wild Cats’ Grifter! (Batman and Grifter Team up FTW!) Flashpoint Paradox re-introduces these iconic characters, and it’s truly refreshing. (Special mention: Thomas Wayne is Batman and Martha Wayne is the Joker?? How insane is that???)

batman and grifter
The Brave and the Bold

Young Justice's Kaldur'ahm makes an animated return (We missed you so)

Calm before the storm

But most obvious aspect of Flashpoint that sets it apart from the others is the amount, and circumstances, of death. A normal justice league movie (or DC, for that matter) would shy away from showing any character getting killed, but Flashpoint not only kills tons of characters, it does it in gruesome fashion. (Arrow to the head, anyone? Yikes!)

The comic book tie ins were perfectly integrated into the story as well. The tie in stories were streamlined, but it succeeded in giving a more holistic view of the new world and the sense of utter desperation. The screenwriter even wrote it in a way that the side stories still had some bearing to the main story. In the movie, Superman was in the final battle, whereas in the comic, he was barely seen.

The S stands for skinny

The artwork used in the movie aptly reflects the darker DC world. The character designs are grittier (such as Flashpoint Batman and Aquaman), the setting is almost always dark and desolate, and the fights are bloody as ever. The animation style is almost similar to a Japanese anime. It is fluid and energetic, perfect for accentuating Flash’s speed force. The action sequences are clear and well-choreographed. (Like Batman and Yoyo’s rooftop fight)

Flash in a sleek design

In the end, we see Batman and Flash in their New 52 outfits. It was a cool nod to what’s happening in the comic book industry. And just like the comics, DC animated properties have evolved and continue to do so. And I can't wait to see the next one!I'm sure it's going to be just as awesome as Flashpoint Paradox!

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