A Strangely Sensational Spa Experience: Royal Lake Spa

 A spa, a buffet, a videoke and a bar – a strange combination. What do they have in common? Only that they’re all places you go to for a smacking good time. And now you can find all of them in one place - the Royal Lake Spa!
Royal Lake Spa

 What used to be City Lifestyle Spa, on the corner of Tomas Morato and Timog Avenue, is now the brand new Royal Lake Spa. They opened only last September 5, 2013 and are being run by the renowned spa-buffet establishment, Wensha Spa. Guests arrive and check in and are given 6 hours to stay in the premises. And what seemed like such a random combination turned out to be the perfect collection for leisurely indulgence!

The building is split into sections. The first floor houses their restobar, where guests can choose from an assortment of local alcohol (including San Mig Light, Red Horse , Antonov Vodka). And get this, guest can drink to their heart’s content! You can drink all you can while listening to the occasional live band!
Royal Lake Spa
The second floor is the wet floor area where you’ll be welcomed by a very lively and accommodating staff. This is where your bracelet-operated lockers will be, and where you can freshen up before getting a massage. The wet floor area is patterned after Japanese bath houses. You can shower, or stay in a sauna or steam bath, or take a dip in the pool, or just relax in a Jacuzzi (which was unfortunately closed when we went), all while being butt naked…or not. It’s completely up to you.:)
Royal Lake SpaRoyal Lake SpaRoyal Lake Spa
The third floor is the buffet area. And even though the options are limited compared to your usual buffet restaurants, the food is still pretty good and would surely still get you full. There’s a salad bar, and a shabu shabu line to complement the other dishes. Eat then get a massage, or get a massage first then eat. Either way, you can come back or forth in the buffet within the 6 hour stay you are given. It would've been better though if the dishes were on heated containers instead of the wooden bowls they used, to keep the food warm for customers who came in at odd hours.
Royal Lake SpaRoyal Lake Spa
The fourth and fifth floors were the massage areas. Men and women are separated, and guests are given the option to have a male or female therapist as well. The massage is a mix of Swedish and shiatsu massages but guests can avail of additional services like a body scrub or a facial at an additional cost. The staff have a lot of experience as they came from the various branches of Wensha Spa. They’re very concerned with the quality of massage they give which assured me that I was in good hands. The female massage floor also has VIP rooms, for female guests who wish to have some privacy.
Royal Lake Spa
And finally, the 6th floor houses the spa’s KTV rooms, my personal favourite. I was expecting it to have out dated songs and a bulky videoke machine but to my surprise, their videoke rooms could rival the rooms in the more expensive videoke establishments in the area. (like Music Match, Music 21, eherm.) Guest can stay at a maximum of 3 hours in the rooms, while enjoying unlimited Antonov Vodka. And not only do their machines have the latest songs, they even have a selection of movies if you just want to watch and drink instead of sing.
Royal Lake Spa
I thought 6 hours would be a long time to stay in a spa. I couldn’t be more wrong. I could stay for a full day in Royal Lake Spa! I wanted to stay so badly after our 6 hours! We hadn’t even finished our 3 hour videoke time! If you want to relax, unwind, in more ways than one, then Royal Lake Spa is the place for you! Food, music, and massage, the perfect combination for grown up R&R!
Royal Lake Spa
If you wanna experience this sanctuary, go now, and enjoy their opening discount rate of P599 until end of October!

60 Timog Avenue cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City
376-3184 / 376-3972

Photos by Bettina Bacani

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