Bazaar at Damar!!!!


Got all this, for P400!!!

DC Special: Return of Donna Troy #1 - P20
Superboy #1 - P20
X-Men Adventures #1 - P20
Untold Tales of Spider-Man #1 - P20
Deadpool #1 - P20
Web of Spider-Man Foil Cover #100 Special - P100
Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet TPB - P200

Watta bargain!! CRAAAAAAZY!!

Found it at a Bazaar in Damar Village. The Super Brands Bazaar!

Click for info.

Actually, it was sort of an annex bazaar beside it. Check it out! A guy named Grem is selling his personal collection.So if you're unsure which is good, he can help! TPBs for P200!!!! Visit them while they're still there!

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