Super Mario Makeover

Last Oct. 26, the Saturday before Halloween, the barkada celebrated with a 90s themed costume party. I just wanted to share the costume me and Bett made for the occasion.

We decided to go Super Mario!

Bario and MuigiBario and Muigi
Photos by Bettina Bacani

  • The caps, longsleeves and gloves were all from divisoria.
  • We had the blue top sewn after buying the fabric in divisoria as well.
  • The letter on the cap and the buttons on the “jumper” were cut out from used supermarket boxes. Yellow felt paper was also used for the buttons.
  • The brick, flower and mushrooms were also cut out from the used boxes. I got the images of the online and just pasted them on the cardboard though. (with color enhancements using pentel pens and highlighters)
  • We got the moustaches from a recent cosplay event.
  • The pants are just regular blue pants.
  • And we bought two rubber balls (again in divisoria) for the Mario’s bouncing fireballs.
And voila! Insta-Mario!

Photos by Max Aficial and MM Taverner. Fireball photoshop-ed only.

Special mention to Max Aficial, for his 90s sari sari store idea! Complete with 90s yosi brands, 90s chips, and tawas!
"Palista na lang, Mang Maximo!"

And Dos Cayetano and Edel Valera’s Diskette and Floppy Disk.:))
90s Flash Drives


  1. Are your super mario costumes for rent or for sale? I just need it for a school event.

    1. greetings sir. unfortunately, they're not. But it's easy to have made, trust me.:) you just need the fabric and a good seamstress.:)