Lasagna Lovin': House of Lasagna

Resto Review: House of Lasagna

I’m not very fond of lasagna or any pasta for that matter. I’m totally a meat and rice guy. But that’s changed when I got to taste (and I say this with conviction) Chef Erick Congmon's PERFECT Beef Lasagna from House of Lasagna.

House of Lasagna
Yeah, that's right. I said it. The PERFECT LASAGNA.

Chef Erick’s Beef Lasagna is freshly prepared before it is served. Its cheese and meaty tastes are seamlessly balanced. The various cheeses melt in your mouth while the crisp lasagna sheets snap at every bite. Chef Erick’s lasagna is a harmony of taste and texture.

House of Lasagna
House of Lasagna has the #1 Lasagna according to

Chef Erick has been sharing his gift of concocting different kinds of lasagna long before House of Lasagna was born. Coming from a restaurant owning family, the food business was familiar territory. Lumaki sa kusina si Chef Erick. He started delivering lasagna from his home. Several years and countless experimentation later, he was able to open the first branch of House of Lasagna in Little Baguio in 2009.

The concept is quite unique. Their menu is an assortment of lasagne recipes, his best sellers being the Beef Lasagna, and the Carbonara Lasagna. According to him, this came from, in some part, his customers’ suggestions. Customers casually suggest all sorts of lasagne (Pesto lasagna, seafood lasagna, etc.) and Chef would take it to heart. He’d experiment on the ideas until he perfected them. Others have even tried to copy his Lasagna house concept but of course, the original will always be the best! That and the fact that to this day, Chef Erick continues to improve his already remarkable menu.

House of LasagnaHouse of Lasagna
House of Lasagna Best Sellers: Beef and Carbonara Lasagnas

That’s not to say that Chef Erick only serves lasagna, no. He has rice meals and sandwiches on the menu as well. One item in particular that we were lucky enough to taste was their Chicken Skin. I‘ve tasted a lot of chicken skin from different places, but most of them tasted the same. But the Chicken Skin here had an exceptional taste and texture. Its pepper-y taste, partnered with Chef Erick’s blended vinegar was delightful. And the absence of the rubbery fatty layer under the skin made it even crispier! (We had left overs and it was STILL crispy the next day!)

House of Lasagna
The crispiest, juiciest chicken skin I have ever had 

Chef Erick makes sure you leave his restaurant happy – to have a perfect dining experience. He treats customers as if they were personal friends. He (and the staff) take the time to talk to the customers and ask how they are. The serving is very generous. One plate of his lasagna could already be shared by two. And I know this is probably something most people would just overlook, but not only are his ingredients imported, but even his condiments, napkins and even toothpick. It was pretty funny when he actually made the effort to show it to us! He’s pretty proud about it! He would even share with us a trick or two about cooking, which is just another testament to the generosity this guy has when it comes to sharing his food.

House of Lasagna
We couldn't even finish everything!

House of Lasagna
The treat to cap off the meal. The soft, delectable, Blueberry Cheesecake :) 

Me and my girlfriend will definitely come back here! There’s so much more lasagna to try! And I’m especially curious as to how his rice meals taste. I can’t wait to try them all!

House of Lasagna
Thanks Chef!

House of Lasagna can be found at (1)  J.Abad Santos St. cor. V.Cruz St. Little Baguio, San Juan, M.M. (2) Eton Centris Walk, Cyberpod 2 Bldg., Edsa Cor Q. Ave., Quezon City and (3) Greenhills, San Juan

Photos by Bettina Bacani

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