The World's Finest Story: Batman/Superman Vol. 1


Comic Review: Batman/Superman Vol. 1: Cross World

This is probably the best Batman – Superman team up I’ve read in a long while! For fans of this tandem, or if you’re excited for the movie to come out and you want an idea on what kind of relationship they have, this is a must-read!

This book has a simple but interesting plot, great character handling, surprising twists, and stunning artwork. It doesn’t have the typical world ending threat comic stories usually have. Instead, the heart of the story lies in the dynamic between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

Friend or Foe?

Their love-hate relationship is truly fun to watch! It’s almost adorable. You see the friction between Clark and Bruce when they meet and the familiar bromance they have back in pre-New 52 Batman/Superman books.

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Even their lady loves play a  significant part!

The art style though needs a little getting used to. It’s almost 50% black! Shadows and silhouettes fill the pages. I read Batman/Superman during the bright and colorful Michael Turner and Ed Mcguinness days so I'm not used to an ominous/gothic Batman/Superman book. But eventually it felt appropriate, perfect even, for a slightly grotesque Gotham that the book portrays. When you get used to it, the use of shadows, the environment (especially the Gotham skylines) and unique paneling are actually very beautiful.

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Jae Lee’s Batman is more frightening than usual but what impressed me more was his equally frightening Superman. Superman is rarely ever painted as a monster. But this is a version of him that the Batman initially sees – an unstoppable alien threat. So even with the bright red and blue costume, Lee (with Pak's dialogue) still manages to make his Superman send chills up my spine.

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Batman and Superman are the two most iconic heroes…EVER! And pairing them up is only going to make everything better. Even more so in this book! Batman/Superman: Cross World is one of the best Batman and Superman team-up stories I’ve read! It’s an exciting and fun read and the art is just delectably edgy. You just have to pick this up!


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