Galactic Epic: Saga Vol. 1 and 2

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Comic Review: SAGA Vol. 1 and 2

I love, love, LOVE, Saga! It may not be as recognizable as titles like Spider-Man or Batman. But it’s caliber is up there with the best of them.

Saga is a sci-fi/fantasy book written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. It’s Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings meets Romeo and Juliet. (If that’s not enough to get you interested, I don’t know what will!) But Saga has a unique flavor to it that you just have to read to appreciate.

book-saga2 saga_vol_1_5
Science meets Sorcery

Marko and Alana, soldiers from opposing factions, bring a newborn child into their war torn world. They're both branded traitors and are hunted down by their governments. The story follows their struggle to stay alive with the entire universe seemingly against them.

A single panel speaks volumes.

Pretty dire, I know. But don't worry, it has its lighter moments. I was pleasantly surprised that the book wasn't all fighting and running around in space. Marko and Alana's occasional marital bickering/heartfelt moments are counter weight to the suspense. The dialogue becomes surprisingly vulgar at times, which also makes for some fun and hilarious reading!

See what I mean?

I immediately gravitated towards these star-crossed lovers. By the end of the first issue, I already fell in love with their little family (including the infant, Hazel!) Because past the horns and wings, Marko and Alana are very human characters with human problems. The space ships and magic spells and all these genre elements are just backdrop to the garden variety problems the characters face - ex's, in-laws, taking care of a baby, etc. Saga is the perfect amalgam of the human condition and space odyssey.

saga_01 Saga-01-Interior4_thumb[1]
Not a coincidence that the series opens with the most raw human experience - child birth.

That's not to say the genre elements should be taken lightly. In fact, this rich, new world is brilliantly brought to life by Fiona Staples! It's imaginative and colorful. Yet Staples maintains a delicate balance between the strange and the familiar. 

Staples is either a genius, or seriously disturbed.

sextillion-saga041 Saga-2-Pg-18
Delectably bizarre.

Saga's pages are filled with emotion. The story, the dialogue, the raw facial expressions, the beautiful environment and even the lettering, all evoke strong emotion. Saga is very romantic; in every sense of the word.


Saga is the epitome of art. The writing is genius and the visuals are beautiful. It's a refreshing break from mainstream comics. This sci fi/fantasy book about love, family and survival is so good that it's sure to be a comic book classic! It's so good that I can't imagine it not being eventually made into a film.

It’s so good, that even my non-comic-geek girlfriend enjoyed it. (Mic drop.) 

MICMIC RATING: 9.8/10 (.2 is reserved for when I get a satisfying ending)

Comic Artistry at its finest.

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