APCC: The Next Big Step Of Philippine Geekery


Oh my god.

13 hours of being on our feet. My right knee is cramping, one wrong stretch and this is gonna HURT! But it was all worth eeeeeeet!!!!!

Asia Pop Comicon (APCC), the biggest comicon to hit Manila was packed with celebrity guests, entertaining panels, great cosplay sightings, and fun merchandise and giveaways. In a very literal sense, some people's dreams came true that weekend. 

Nakakasilaw ung...Arc Reactors.

Kinda pricey but it was soooooo worth it!!!


1) Batman freebie!

IMG_9132 20150920_081453
My friends and I were already in line at 7:30am!

First 200 people who enter got THESE! P399 buck, so you already kinda got back your entrance fee!



Unlike every other con in Manila I've been to, it wasn't jam-packed with merch booths, so there was a lot of room to literally run around! Even during peak hours, it still didn't get too cramped inside!

Look at how spaced out the booths are.

20150921_063113 20150921_063216
Oh, and they have a booklet!! Containing all the information about the Con's many guests!

IMG_9207 IMG_9328
Really not that cramped! The people are just gathered here for the photo ops.

IMG_9301 IMG_9300
The artist alley. This was how spacious the con really was for most of the day.

3) Being a few feet from PAUL BETTANY! Freaking PAUL BETTANY!!!

Sadly, this was the best photo of him I got. But still though, I WAS NEXT TO PAUL BETTANY!!!!

4) Meeting, talking, shaking the hand of, and taking a photo with Colton Haynes! (ARSENAL!)

For a couple of minutes, I was a girl.

5) Getting an autograph of and a photo with Leanna Vamp! One of the hottest cosplayers-slash-people in the world!!!

20150920_124115 20150920_163123
And just like that, I was a man again.

6) Seeing international Cosplay and Comic Book personalities

IMG_9222 IMG_9216
Vampy Bit Me and Allison Harvard

IMG_9290 IMG_9291
Alodia! (Would have gotten a better pic, but she was being swarmed!)

IMG_9215 IMG_9245
RJ Ledesma interviewing C.B. Cebulski, David Mack, David Yardin, Leinil Yu, and Whilce Portacio

There were so much more comic book and internet celebrities, but I wasn't able to take photos of all of them. There were just too many!!!

7) Watching interviews of Jeremy Shada (the voice of Finn in Adventure Time), Natalie Emmanuel (Missandre from GoT and Ramsey from Furious 7), and Colton Haynes (Roy Harper from Arrow)!!!

IMG_9212 IMG_9312 IMG_9255 IMG_9280
BTW, as per Colton...ARSENAL WILL BE BACK!!!!

8) Recording archive footage for the people of Disney!


Disney set up a Star Wars booth where fans could come and share why they love Star Wars! They were going to archive the footage and maybe use them for some future reel. I did it so I could get a free poster.:))

Even Darth Vader wanted to share!

9) Cosplayer hunting with my friends! (See APCC Cosplay and Toys Photodump page!)

10) Loot bag! (So now we already got back our entrance fee!)


11) Cheap comics from National Book Store! (Always thought National's comic book selection sucked. Not here though!) 

12) Chico and Gino (of The Morning Rush) hunting with my friends.

Don't have a pic of Chico, but kept looking for them for this girl, Steph. We left such an impression that we were Chico and Gino's opening story on TMR the next day!

13) Enjoying all the toys and statues on display! (See APCC Cosplay and Toys Photodump page!)


APCC is the best comicon in the country for me so far. It wasn't perfectly executed, especially with the numerous celebrities getting cancelled at the last minute, but hopefully it gets better every year they do it. IF they do it again. It was so much fun! And I can't wait for another!!!!

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