Spider-Verse: Everything A Spider-Fan Could Want


It doesn't get any more comic-y that having a race of dimension-traveling vampires trying to consume all Spider Men. But still, Marvel's Spider-Verse event was light, fast-paced and fun! Especially if you're a Spider-Man fan!

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I hate to admit, but there was a lot of fan service in this series. It was just so much fun seeing the different Spider-Men across time and space and apparently, mediums. Tons of cameos, some from TV, others from one off comic book series, and some are so obscure that if you recognize them, then you truly are a grade-A Spider-Man fan!

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It was also fun meeting Spider characters we've never met before. One in particular that's gained immense popularity (even before her comic was out) and instantly went viral was Spider-Gwen.  At first I didn't understand what the hype was about but then I finally saw her and I immediately took it back. She's a fun, energetic character and seeing her interact with Peter Parker for the first time was just priceless!


But really the best thing about this series was finally seeing Peter Spidey confront Doc Ock Spidey - Amazing VS. Superior. How these two try to co-exist was one of the main fulcrums of the Spider-Verse event. How their story ultimately concludes was a little less than satisfying but it was inevitable. That's what happens when you have previously established continuity to worry about.

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Amazing VS. Superior: The best thing about Spider-Verse!

But all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed everything about Spider-Verse. Save the 2 dimensional villains. But it wasn't about them, it was really mostly about all the Spider-Men coming together and interacting with each other in an incredible and massive action-adventure romp! It's a must grab (or must DL) for all Spider-Fans!



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