APCC: Cosplay, Toys and Statues Photo Dump!

Collecting all my cosplay, toys and statue photos from last Sunday's Asia Pop Comicon (APCC) in one post. Hope you like photo dumps! Had a lot of fun! Read more about the event HERE!


IMG_9299 IMG_9174
The guy on the left won $10,000 in APCC's Cosplay competition!

IMG_9319 IMG_9332 IMG_9348 IMG_9345 IMG_9349
"Habulin mo ko...habulin mo kooooo!"

IMG_9327 IMG_9339
Red Hood's finally getting mainstream! Hope another animated movie comes soon!

IMG_9347 IMG_9343 IMG_9333 IMG_9338IMG_9336
Korra and Mako, the most adorable cosplay couple I've ever seen!


Avengers end credits sculpture is amaaaaazing!

IMG_9143 IMG_9141 IMG_9153 IMG_9150 IMG_9149
Left: Giant Hulkbuster Armor where people can climb inside and take a photo!
Right: KITT!!!

IMG_9180 IMG_9170 IMG_9184 IMG_9185 IMG_9186 IMG_9188
The greatest match up in Pop Culture history!

IMG_9183 IMG_9189 IMG_9233 IMG_9235 IMG_9232 IMG_9226 IMG_9351 IMG_9297 IMG_9230 IMG_9227
Civil War!

IMG_9191 IMG_9329 IMG_9182 IMG_9325 IMG_9193
Flying Iron Man!

There it is! Around 1/4 of the total number of photos I took. There was just too many!:)

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