Bettina's Birthday Chronicles: Food Fortion

This is a loooong overdue post.:))

I just want to post the different places my girlfriend and I went on her birthday. I know it doesn't fall under the usual theme of my post, but maybe you might want to try the places we went to too.:) It was pretty fun to food trip around QC.

IMG_9194 IMG_9163

So her birthday was last Dec. 19, but we had a two day celebration since I wasn't sure if I had to work on her actual birthday. On the first day, we had brunch at π: Breakfast and Pies. It's a cozy little all-day breakfast place. It has a very elegant ambiance. The interiors were simple - wooden chairs, black walls - but I think what gave it a bit of character were the black board menus on the counter and the cool hanging ceiling lights. I'm no interior designer but it was really very nice. Just go there to see what I mean.:)


I ordered the Kitayama Wagyu Beef Sirloin Tapa (just because of the Wagyu part.) And Bett ordered one of the restaurant's best sellers, Eggs Benny. I was extremely happy with our food! (Bett was moderately satisfied.) My Wagyu tapa was really savory, and perfectly partnered with an, admittedly unusual, but delicious nonetheless, kimchi rice. The kimchi rice' sour citrus taste gave a new zing to a traditional dish. And the Eggs Benny on the other hand was a mixture of so many different ingredients and flavors, that whether eaten apart or together, it still tastes magnificent!

Kitayama Wagyu Beef Sirloin Tapa (P225)

Eggs Benny (P275)

We had some Red Velvet brownie and Milo Pastel for dessert. I'm not a dessert guy, unlike Bett who absolutely enjoyed her Milo Pastel. Personally, I still think that Vandep pastel is still a lot creamier, but I guess this wasn't bad considering the price. The red velvet was kind of dry and stiff. It was just ok.

Dry. Red Velvet Brownie (P65)

Hollow. Milo Pastel (P15)

IMG_9172 IMG_9173
Enjoyed the stay there!

Next stop was UP's Lantern Parade. This was one of the first few dates we had 2 years ago. It was fun to take pictures, look at the creative floats and costumes from the different schools and organizations, and food trip at the varied stalls they had set up. I'm making a separate entry for pictures of the more creative floats we saw.:) Check it out here!

And finally, after walking through Maginhawa looking for a new place to eat at, we ended up having dinner at Mexican Express. The food there was less than satisfactory. It was stale and old tasting. I didn't like it so much, that I don't even remember what my order was called.:( It was microwave food quality. And sometimes the wrap tasted burnt. I don't recommend it for anyone looking for decent Mexican food. Try Ristras instead.:)

IMG_9428 IMG_9429 IMG_9414IMG_9413
The place.

IMG_9419 IMG_9425
The Food. My burrito and Bett's wrap...thing.

The wait.

The next day, we were able to squeeze in a lunch date at Ryu Ramen and Curry. I ordered the Katsucheese Curry, while Bett ordered Tantanmen Ramen and Gyoza. Even though I find curry repetitive, I found theirs enjoyable. The chewy cheese and subtly unique curry sauce sealed the deal. I got to taste some of Bett's spicy ramen too, and it was good! The gyoza though was just ok, just the same as it always is. 

IMG_9459 IMG_9466
Dat cheeeeeese!!!
Katsucheese Curry (P280)

Tantanmen Ramen (P280)

Gyoza (P120)

IMG_9448IMG_9472 IMG_9468IMG_9469

IMG_9435 IMG_9437 IMG_9441
Capping it off with remote control self portraits.:)

Bett's birthday was mostly food and gifts. But gladly, she enjoyed nonetheless.:) (Or at least I hope she did) Gotta start planning for next year! Happy Birthday Bettina!:)

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