Of Cars and Coffee @ ToysCafe

How I wish I could've found out about this place BEFORE Christmas. It would've been the perfect place to look for a gift. I could eat and relax and buy my gifts all in one place!


Where is this, you ask? It is a nice little place called ToysCafe. It's located at the 2nd floor of Ash Creek Center at the corner of Ortigas ext. and Madison street. ToysCafe is a one-stop shop for food, coffee, and tons (and tons) of toys!


Just one of many awesome Star Wars decals on the walls!

Cute Hitler-chu on the dining table

IMG_9482 IMG_9545
The Cafe area

The room centerpiece! Toy heaven!

And a small hallway gallery of toys! 

What started as a sideline business of importing toys for friends became a full on toy and collectibles store. So for your gifting or personal collection needs, check this place out! There are items here for everyone! Boys or girls, comic book or anime lovers, hardcore collectors (especially of die-cast cars) or kids just looking to play, they've got something for you. Check out the stuff I'm talking about below! (Warning: Lots of pictures! But I mostly included the ones I don't regularly see.)

Cars are their specialty! Small die-cast cars like Tomica's, ChoroQ's, Hot Wheels, and a lot of other collectible cars.

IMG_9532 IMG_9537
They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes!

Did I already say they love cars?

Movie inspired Hot Wheels!

I absolutely love this car!

IMG_9584 IMG_9653 
X-car and Tim Burton's Batmobile. (...I didn't even know there WAS an X-Men car!)

Herbie! Lindsay Lohan not included.

IMG_9558 IMG_9648
Batman 66' Batmobile and Marvel Tokidoki Frenzies. (If you aren't familiar, check out Folded and Hung's new Marvel collection featuring Tokidoki's.)

Mr. Potato Bat and Mr. Potato Spider

And for you anime lovers out there:

Toys, Manga, and Magazines!

And for the girls:

They've got stuffed toys...


Fashion Barbies...

And just when you thought you've seen them all, you see Batman Barbie.:|

Some Hello Kitty collectibles from abroad.

McDonald's collectible Minions, some of which are not available in the Phil.

Lego lovers will have a blast here too!

Lego NBA!

They've got board games here too!

And dozens of themed chess sets! Like this Medieval Lego chess set.

And my favorite toy! They've gotten so complex!

There's some pretty rare stuff in here that I've never seen in other stores. My favorite find is the "Self-stirring mug"! I just saw it online last week, and turns out, it was available here!

IMG_9599 IMG_9654
Things I need in the morning.

Harley na phone? O phone na Harley?

Their shelf space are rented to other toy enthusiasts looking to sell some of their collection. So if you have a start up product you want to put out there for kids or kids at heart, this could be a venue for you. Hell, even I'm thinking about putting something there!

And since the space is rented, expect to occasionally see a few clothing, accessory, and general merchandise items.

...Like these original Nike rubber shoes.

And these nifty notebooks. (They've got pens to match too!)

But what really sets this place apart from other collectibles stores (aside from the range of their items) is their cafe. Coffee addict and ToysCafe owner, Melanee Teng, is very proud of their cafe. They boast an assortment of coffee flavors imported abroad. The coffee here is not the typical, sweetened coffee you get at Starbucks, no. These are the hardcore coffee lovers' strong and incredibly aromatic coffee that's sure to give you the jolt you're looking for.

The various flavors offered. One of which is Jamaican me crazy!

And the food ain't bad either. Their best sellers are their caldereta and roast beef. But me and Bett only got to taste the latter and their chicken ala king, just coz I was craving for it. I finished mine in only a few minutes! Got to taste her roast beef too, and the only problem I had with it was that it wasn't enough. Bitin! I wanted some more. We ordered Strawberry Milkshake too, and it was thick and creamy and flavorful! Seriously yummeh!

Chicken ala King (P130)

Roast Beef (P150)

IMG_9636 IMG_9641
Strawberry and cream milkshake (P120) being enjoyed by my girlfriend.  

So next time you have to get a toy, or a gift, drop by ToysCafe. You needn't hassle yourself with traffic or parking. You'll get everything you need in one convenient place!

Me and my girlfriend, with Ms. Melanee Teng (middle)

They're open from 10 am - 7 pm, Mondays to Saturdays. For more info on ToysCafe, check out their Facebook page here.

See you there!

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