DC Blast From the Past

Nope. Don't even bother.


JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time really IS trapped in time! It's got a plot that abandons all the complexity and maturity of DC animated movies we see today. For lack of a better term - pambata

Super Friends, assemble!

It has an old school, Super Friends-esq vibe. Even Robin was there, albeit a goofy version of him. But it doesn't really star the Justice League; Just two lesser known superheroes from the future. Even though I don't mind having Dante Basco (Rufio! Rufio!) do the voice work of one of these main characters, the story was really too shallow. Even the time travel logic was faulty as hell.(Because time travel.) 

Dante Basco (aka Rufio) As Karate Kid.
It's good for a few laughs. And it's cool to hear Brave and the Bold Batman's voice. But all in all...


I even fell asleep midway.

It's good...If you're a 10 year old.

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