Adventure Hijinks: Pew! Pew! Pew! Laser Tag Baybeh!

Running around, shooting people, shouting and screaming - it was absolute MAYHEM!


This probably isn't new to most people. But for the few who haven't tried it, or for the fewer who have no idea what Laser Tag is, I want you to know, playing Laser Tag is one of the most fun games you can ever do EVAAAARRR!!!

Remember those days when you would play make believe with your siblings and just run around the house shooting each other with imaginary finger guns? Well that's basically what Laser Tag is.


IMG_2548 IMG_2550
The gun.

The vest.

Players are given an electronic laser gun that's attached to a vest. The guns shoot laser lights that are detected by lighted plates on an opponent's vest. There are plates on the shoulder, chest, and back areas.

Pull the trigger before the game and you'll see your player ID. Mine was Lich.


The aim of the game is to shoot your enemies as much as you can. (Duh.) The different lighted plates on the vest correspond to certain number of points. The harder the target is located, the higher the points. But be warned, every time you're "tagged", your gun and vest shuts down for a couple of seconds. So don't forget to run and hide!

Photo taken from Lazer Maxx FB page. (Since we couldn't take pictures inside the arena)

Another way to earn points is by destroying the opponents' base. The bases are lighted discs located inside the arena. They're a bit tricky to spot because they're small and on the ceiling, but you'll notice the unique way they lights up. Shoot those a few times, and you get additional points for your team.

The scores are tallied electronically. The team with the highest score wins. (It also doesn't hurt to be the highest individual scoring player) At the end of the game, the team and individual scores are shown on a screen in the lobby. You can even have them printed out as a memorabilia!


You start off in the briefing room. Here, players are shown an instructional video about the gear, the scoring, and the do's and don'ts. Next is the vesting area where you wear your equipment and you're split into groups. And then finally, you go inside the arena.

Waiting for our turn at the lobby.

IMG_2533 IMG_2566
First stop: the Briefing Room. Don't forget to follow the rules for a safer, more fun experience!

IMG_2532 IMG_2530
My bros and the other players watching the Lazer Maxx instructional video.

IMG_2528 IMG_2534 IMG_2538
Next stop is the Vesting area to put your gear on.

IMG_2540 IMG_2541
Geared up and ready to rumble!

Within a 15-minute game, you are let loose in this cool, 2-level, maze-like play area. There's a lower and upper area. There are these pillars everywhere. It's dark, but it helps you see the targets on your opponents' vests better. In the arena, you're going to be forced to run around, duck, hide behind corners, and get better vantage points. It makes scoring more challenging but a lot more fun!

The view inside. The neon graffiti light up your path. (Photo taken from FB)


You can have up to 8 teams at a time, I think...If you're a group playing with another group you can opt to be one team with your friends. If you're the only group playing, you can divide yourselves among each other, or you could even just go free-for-all - no one is an ally, all of them are your enemies!

A maximum of 21 players can play at a time and teams are segregated by color.
(Photo taken from FB)


Well it's a lot safer than paintball or airsoft, since are no actual bullets hitting anyone, but it's the same amount of war game frenzy! But it's dark in there, so you just have to be a bit careful when you're running about or (in my case) jumping around.

IMG_2560 IMG_2562
Channeling our inner action star. 

My siblings, girlfriend and I had a game at Lazer Maxx at Greenhills. We all channeled our inner Jack Bauers. We were running, shouting and laughing way too much for grown adults! But, you know what? Screw it! We were having the time of our lives!
IMG_2553 IMG_2554
The score is shown at a screen at the lobby. I'm a frigging natural!

Lazer Maxx even lets you have print outs of your score and statistics!

15 minutes seemed like a really short time before going in, but goodness, we were sweating like we worked out at the gym! It was so much fun! Like all our childhood fantasies has suddenly come to life! 

They have a conference room and a party package for those who want a private game/party!

IMG_2558 IMG_2642
Here are the rates for individual games and their party packages. PS. Two games is so worth it!

Laser Tag is an EXTREME, FUN and FRANTIC game that you and your friends/family should absolutely try! Go and relive your childhood! It's fun for kids and kids at heart!


Lazer Maxx
has branches at Greenhills and Eton Centris.
The GH branch is open Monday to Friday from 12nn-9pm
and Saturday to Sunday from 10am-10pm.
The Centris branch is open Monday to Thursday from 1pm-9pm,
Friday, Saturday and Holidays from 12nn-10pm
and Sundays from 12nn-9pm.

For inquiries and reservations, contact them at (02) 441-1958 or (02) 584-5958
or email them at
And for more news, follow their Facebook page!

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