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I don't usually post about fashion things because, honestly, I'm no authority on the subject. Brands and color combinations usually don't matter to me coz anything looks good on me. I just need it to have cloth and pockets and to have a nice snug fit.

But I'm making an exception this one time for Straightforward clothing.

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Here's why:

I bought a pair of shorts from them at Global Pinoy Bazaar last Saturday. I wore them a couple of days after buying them. While I was walking on the street (what a weird thing to say), I suddenly realized my phone was gone. I always put it on my left pocket. I checked my bag, my other pockets, nothing! So I retraced my steps, panicking the whole time. But I found it, lying on the ground. (You can imagine my relief.) I put my phone back in my pocket but it fell through!! Turns out, there was a hole in the pocket!

So when I got home that night, I wrote a message to Straightforward (their contact details where on their packaging). I very calmly wrote what had happened. It was more out of concern for their other customers that to complain (I made that VERY clear). I mean, I found my phone, what if other people don't? And obviously, the hole was an easy fix. I'm not gonna whine about something I could easily fix myself.

But then Straightforward quickly replied. And very graciously they assumed responsibility and even offered to make it up to me by sending another pair. Not two days after, I got the new pair.

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I know some people might say that they SHOULD replace it or that it's only fair, hell, it may have even been my fault for not checking, but I don't know. I think the fact that they gave me another pair without my asking for it already speaks volumes about what kind of people are behind Straightforward. And when they actually DID what they said, that it wasn't just for show, was even more remarkable. (Coz I've had experience with merchants promising to send replacements but never really doing it.) They're honest. And they quickly right their wrongs. And they have a tangible commitment to the quality of their products. It may seem mababaw, but I donno, it's nice to have people like that around. 

Now I'm still not a fashion blogger, but for the first (and probably last) time, I'd like to recognize this one line. Aside from shorts, Straightforward also has sweaters, shoes and sunglasses offered in a variety of classic and flashy colors. And it doesn't get more straight forward as Straightforward clothing! If you're like me looking for clothes that need only have cloth and pockets, then you'll love Straightforward's classic but elegant clothing!

You can find Straightforward clothing at bazaars or you can shop online at

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