So-so Suicide Squad


Not a lot would know this, but Batman's got a new animated movie out! And with DC animated being the way it is, my standards were set pretty high. And even more so as it boasted the return of Kevin Conroy, the definitive Batman voice.  But alas, my expectations were unmet. It wasn't a disaster of a movie, it just didn't live up to the DC caliber.

Otherwise known as The Suicide Squad.

Assault on Arkham is set in the Arkham game universe. But instead of being a Batman story, it's about the Suicide Squad - a team made up of criminals strong-armed enlisted by the government to do covert operations. While it's an interesting premise, the movie never feels like it's on uncharted territory.

Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Thug 1, Thug 2, Thug 3 and Thug 4.

It starts off pretty silly - each squad member is shown doing his/her own thing, showcasing their unique ability 'til they inevitably strike a pose, then frame freezes! If that weren't wacky enough, their names appear in big, bold, cartoon-y letters. (Similar to how Marvel introduces characters in their animated shows.) (...and I HATE that!) I think they were aiming for a heist movie vibe, but meh. The theme sorta just dwindled away.

This is what I mean.

I think this set the tone for me. It gave me an immediate and lasting impression that this movie wasn't going to be a very serious one. It just didn't rub me the right way, seeing as Suicide Squad is one of DC's more adult titles. Not to mention the fact that they're criminals for crying out loud! They should be a little more edgy and threatening, but they struck me as the typical teen cartoon villain - not a lot of personality, colorful costumes, and a bit goofy.

Shark Boy!

They try to inject some adult stuff in there - like the sex scene (yeah, I know, right??), frigging decapitation, and themes of espionage and deception - but they didn't seem fully realized. For example, while showing decapitation, they wouldn't show any blood. And it's hard to take spy themes seriously especially when one of the characters is Shark Boy, and another is dressed in a swimsuit. It felt like a one step forward, two steps back kind of thing. I couldn't make out whether they wanted this movie to be radical or conservative.

More super-model than sadistic maniac!

The story wasn't all that interesting either. Band of misfits struggling to work together? Like THAT'S never been done before. And Batman's B-story about the bomb he needs to diffuse, well, I don't even remember how they resolved that, really. I was THAT uninterested. There were a few twists here and there, but I found myself indifferent to the squad's cause. The characters just weren't interesting enough to invest in.

Two member's have the same skill! What was Waller thinking??

But it wasn't all bad though. Troy Baker reprised his role as The Joker. And from his haunting laughs to a heartfelt prison monologue, Troy Baker is quickly becoming the benchmark Joker voice of this generation. Harley Quinn was the only interesting character in the movie (even more than Batman himself). Harley is so much fun to watch! She's crazy! And I mean that in the most loveable sense of the word. You never know what she's gonna do and that makes her all the more exciting! It's about time Harley got a chance at the spotlight.

Jok-ley 4evah!!

Assault on Arkham was an okay movie - an average plot with a few, insignificant twists and ultimately feels trite. It was just barely salvaged by a few good action beats (that admittedly ramp up whenever Batman's on-screen and being all ninja). But I was hoping for a more glorious return for Kevin Conroy. This wasn't it at all. Hell, it wasn't really even actually a Batman movie. It was an average Deadshot and Harley movie. And I think it would've been better off with just the duo, coz the rest of the cast were absolutely unessential. 

BATMAN  ASSAULT ON ARKHAM - Sneak Peak Featurette
Harley finally gets the spotlight.


+ Batman kicking ass, Arkham-style! (With stealth takedown and all!)
+ Troy Baker reprising Joker voice
+ Harley Quinn is absolutely fun to watch

- Uninteresting story
- Even more uninteresting characters
- Power Ranger-style intro

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