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Do you love kebabs? I sure do! Kebabs after drinking! Kebabs after football! Kebabs after…more kebabs! I love kebabs, you love kebabs, and so do the brothers behind Abdul the Cool! (Best. segue. ever.) Abdul the Cool is Maginhawa's latest Persian spot. Opening just last July 26, they serve kebabs for kebab lovers, BY kebab lovers. 

Our logos could be cousins.

Nico, one of the owners, claims he could eat kebabs five times a week! I’m no doctor, but that sure sounds like it can cause a medical concern. But probable health risk aside, both him and his brother Patrick have a passion for Persian. They've tried most of the kebab joints in the metro so you can betchurass they know their kebabs! 

It's no surprise they eventually thought of opening their own place. The product - kebabs that embodied everything that they loved about kebabs! The tastes that's a culmination of all they've tasted before. The concept - a hip, accessible, unintimidating kebab joint for you to enjoy the best Persian food. (It's even WIFI ready for those who want to eat and work. Just sayin'.) 

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The brothers handled the artsy interiors and other creative designs and their aunt Pinky stepped in to handle the business end (while also grounding Nico and Patrick's ideas when they became too out there...because brothers). And after a very timely introduction to an Iranian chef, everything just fell into place. Abdul the Cool was born!

Nope, this isn't Abdul. There is no Abdul. Abdul is an IDEA!

Speaking of their chef, if you wanna talk passion, Chef Mass is the guy you wanna talk about! He meticulously controls everything in his kitchen. From the amount of fat his beef has, to the specific size of his chicken. Anything less than perfect is rejected! He grinds the meat and ferments the yogurt himself to maintain absolute control of the quality. Food can't be stored more than 3 days, or else it's thrown out! 3 days! At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if he controlled the kind of air that blew in his kitchen! But all this is for a very good reason - to give us customers the highest possible quality of food we'll always come to expect from them. And for that dedication, I thank you Sir!

This is the Shawarma place that Tony was talking about.

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Edward's gotta eat too! And so do these other celebs who love kebabs!

And quality food it was indeed! We got to taste Abdul's Kebab Platter, consisting of a beef kobideh, chicken kobideh, chicken tikka, and tenderloin shish kebab, with pita with hummus and moutabal and a plain yogurt shake on the side. While I enjoyed everything, I'd have to say my favorites were the Chicken Tikka, Hummus and Moutabal. Which is surprising since I'm not a big fan of any of these. But these three were surprisingly flavorful. More so than what I usually taste, I mean. (Probably why I never liked it before now.) I can't imagine not ordering at least one side dish when I go there again!

Kebab Platter (P345 / good for 2-3) 
Chicken tikka, beef kobideh, chicken kobideh, and tenderloin shish kebab respectively.
Fun Facts: Did you know that "shish" meant six??? That's why shish kebabs have 6 pieces!
And "koobideh" means ground! There's beef and chicken koobideh!

A plate of Chelo Kebab Chicken Tikka (P165). 
Fun Fact: Did you know "chelo" meant "rice"??? So never order "chelo kebab with no rice".

IMG_4239 IMG_4240
Hummus and Moutabal (P95 each / comes with pita bread). My favs!
And a very refreshing Plain Yogurt Shake (P75). Sweeter than the average yogurt! I loved it!

Abdul's white sauce is creamy and tangy. (Wink wink.)

Try their other items too! They even have salads!

Thank you Ms. Pinky, Patrick and debonaire extraordinaire Nico for letting us visit!  

When we left, I was already thinking about what to get there next time we visit. I should try the ox brain, for sure. And the Mango Smoothie. And of course, I can't NOT order Hummus. Then I might try the shawarma or keema plates. Or both! Gah! Can't wait to come back to Abdul The Cool!


Abdul The Cool
131 - Unit 4, Maginhawa street, Sikatuna Village, QC
Open from Monday to Saturday, 12pm - 12mn
 Head to their FB page for more updates!

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