Relationship Problems: Gone Girl Review

Do you have enough stress, frustration, and anxiety in your life? If not, then this movie is for you!


SPOILER FREE (for the moment)

Gone Girl is a dark, psychological mystery thriller about the marriage of Nick and Amy Dunne. When Amy suddenly disappears, the investigation and the media point their fingers at Nick. As the case unravels, even you would start to ask: Did Nick kill his wife? 

Amy, where you at?

Mid way through the movie and I still didn't know who was telling the truth. Props to the leads, Ben Affleck (Nick) and Rosemund Pike (Amy), who stayed in that very fine space between being the protagonist and being an evil mastermind. In a movie where public perception played a huge part, it was fitting that neither of them seemed too guilty nor too innocent.

But the thrill of the investigation kept me glued to everything that was happening onscreen. The story was aptly paced, meticulously intelligent, and nail-biting. (Insert imaginary high five for Gillian Flynn and Director David Fincher.) And when what happened to Amy is finally revealed, instead of feeling relieved, I just felt...uneasy. Somehow, knowing the truth felt worse. And this is what I loved most about this movie. So much feels. But not the bright, sunshiny day, kind of feels but the deliciously disturbing kind. 

If you thought YOUR relationship was bad...

Gone Girl wasn't only a solid mystery. It was also a very creative commentary on modern marital relationships and the media machine. I mean, you gotta admit, some of the stuff here are normal marital issues...dialed up to insane, that is. It was actually unintentionally funny when you think about it.

So all in all, Gone Girl was a powerful, gripping story that's totally going to make you uncomfortable and leave you with a sense of dread you can't explain. But you're still going to want to watch it. Because, just like the characters in this movie, we all kinda want to get psychologically f*cked with every now and then.




BUT NO. It's not perfect. After watching the movie with Bett, and while I thought the movie was great, there was this nagging feeling at the back of my head. Like a sixth sense that there was one glaring mistake that Amy made that effectively kills her lie. And it just hit me this morning...

At NPH's (Barney) house, she stages a scene where she's seemingly raped. She used the house's security cameras to record her "scene". But those same cameras would have recorded everything else as well: going there to the house WILLINGLY, having consensual sex, and even the dates wouldn't match (they go there DAYS after she went missing). Sure, she could've erased the footage, but wouldn't missing footage raise even more suspicion? And for a world where a woman is gone for less than a day and it's made into a missing person case, I would think murder would prompt an even more critical investigation.

Also, why again did she hit her eye with a hammer? Was she trying to kill herself just then? If she was, what was the point? Finding her body there would've helped Nick's case that he was innocent. So was that scene just for the sake of making viewers cringe?

And finally, for those who've watched it already, what do you think, DID Nick want to stay in the relationship because of Amy? Did he want Amy even after all of that? He says it's because of his responsibility, but when you're married to a murderer, a criminal, is responsibility still an excuse? I like to believe he could've proven his story if he really wanted to, and he could've gotten custody of the kid if he did prove his innocence (and Amy's lunacy), so DID he stay because he wanted to stay?

Taking crazy psycho girlfriend to the next level, yo!

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