Nerd Next Door Version 2-point-0


I’ve been away for a while. But now I’m back and better than ever!

Nerd Next Door two-point-O is now up and running! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!

A long time comin'!

Been working on it for a long while. I drew the artwork myself. But I know I'm still a looooong way from being a bonafide "artist". The layout though is courtesy of my girlfriend, Bettina! She tirelessly came up with ideas for my blog design and worked on the application of my artwork. So this post is as much a launch post as it is a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to her! Thanks beb!!!!!:)

Complete Banner Colored

One of the earlier versions of the banner.

Aside from this shiny new layout, my room has gone through a remodeling of sorts too. Check out this mini library I had made for my comic book collection. 

DC Collection

IMG_3348 IMG_3363
The Library and my Flash ArtFX replica (A pretty good replica though)

My Nightwing ArtFX statue that I gave myself as a gift

IMG_3364 IMG_3367
My Marvel books and the dozens of DC Superheroes comics printed by PSICOM (The books that started my love for comics!)

The non-mainstream titles...

...and my Lego and Lantern ring collection.

Darth Stewie!

College books and my single issues. On top: Grayson #1 (obviously a Dick Grayson fan)

Being a comic nerd feels more legit now. Like I just now qualified to be part of comic book geekdom. I know I’m still a noob compared to more hardcore collectors, but I’m getting there. I even bought my very first statue to mark the occasion – a Kotobukiya Nightwing New 52 ArtFX statue. It. Is. Gorgeous. I’ve wanted it for so goddamn long! 

IMG_3388 IMG_3385 IMG_3379bIMG_3382

I’m pretty excited about my new library. There’s still a lot more space to fill but I still have more titles (and statues) on my wish list, so slowly but surely, I’m building a bigger, better collection! As I read more books, you can come back and read my reviews about them here on Nerd Next Door version 2.0!


  1. Hey, why'd you take a photo of Nightwing's abs? Hahahahaha

    And you're welcome!! :)