Adventure Hijinks: Sunny Day At Sandbox!

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I was finally able to go to Sandbox (aka playground for adults)! It was crazy hot, there were loads of people and the lines were sick, but all in all, my friends and I still managed to have fun.:)


Sandbox located at Porac, Pampanga, a short 1 and a half hour drive from Manila. The directions are real simple: go out on NLEX, continue to SCTEX, then get off at the Porac exit. From there, turn right and you'll immediately see it. (It's hard to miss since it's practically the only establishment in Porac!)


When you get to the park entrance, you'll already be asked to choose which activities you want to do. You'll need to purchase and get your "ride" tickets before entering the park. You can choose individual rides or the more convenient set packages they offer. But if you do get the packages, make sure you make the most of it and go through all their attractions!


Here are some of the guidelines when you're there:

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This looks pretty important too:


If you want to avoid the long lines, then I suggest you go there even before the park opens! Be the first to go on everything! (Also, because they limit the number of visitors they admit! More reason to not be late!)



Avatar One aka Roller Coaster Zipline

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Probably their most famous attraction. This zipline doesn't just go forward, it goes up, down, and side to side! It's a fairly short ride but it was still a pretty unique experience.


Giant Swing

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It's a giant freaking swing! Who doesn't love swings?!?! But this is a swing on steroids. You and a friend ride two-seater swing that's mechanically pulled back/up for the ultimate bwelo. When you reach the end of the pull back, you'd be around 50 ft high and you'd already be facing the ground! Sweet!

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Aerial Walk


My guilty pleasure. ('Coz not all of us enjoyed this attraction.) It's basically an hour-long obstacle course meant to train your motor skills, improve your balance, foster camaraderie and steady your heart. At least that's how I looked at it. The rest just saw the "obstacle" part.


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No, it's not one of those toy bows and arrows with suction cup tips, Sandbox has a legit archery range, with real bows and arrows you can definitely kill with if you weren't careful. You get a 5-minute tutorial from the facilitators there then off you go! 30 minutes is definitely enough time for a beginner. 'Coz drawing a bow really hurts the fingers!

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Our expert archer: Rachel Sy. And friend.:)

Mini Golf

It's mini golf. It's basically putting galore. Sadly, we weren't able to try it. We had to prioritize coz of the insanely long lines. Also, IT. WAS. HOT. So maybe next time.

Adventure Tower: Wall Climb / Rappelling / Free Fall

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All three of these are found in one tower. The wall climb is very basic, perfect for beginners. But if you're a seasoned climber, lining up for their wall probably wouldn't be worth it. 

In their free fall attraction, you get to jump off a ledge with a harness meant to soften your landing, but really the challenge there is stepping off the ledge in the first place.



They also have an ATV course, for those looking for a more nature-y adventure. It's kind of pricey, compared to everything else in the park, but if you weren't the one who drove to Pampanga, or you're really into sight seeing and driving, well I guess this is for you.


Line up tip: Go with people who make lining up bearable.

So that's it! Sandbox is a pretty fun place to go to if you want to do something different and outdoorsy. It's perfect for the family too since the attractions are safe and accessible. But if you go there, be prepared for the heat and the long lines and have a YOLO kind of attitude! Some of the things may be frightening at first, but if you get over the initial fear, you're sure to have so much fun!

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Mandatory Sandbox Logo Pic!

Porac, Pampanga
For more information, visit their Facebook page.

* Photo credits: Thanks to Rachel Sy and Kristine Yap Yao for taking some of the photos!:)

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