The 'Coolest' Movie Characters (Because Summer)


It’s been freakishly hot, hasn’t it? I mean, sure it’s summer, but it feels so much hotter than usual. We used to just be able to cook eggs off the pavement of the street, but now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we could FRY stuff on it too! Kinda makes you wish any of these ‘cool’ movie characters were real. They’d definitely have a way to beat this ungodly heat!


iceman 1

Of course! Who else would be at the top of the list when you say “ice character”? Edi, ICE-man!

Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, is a mutant with the ability to project and manipulate ice and cold. He can turn his whole body into organic ice, make ice clones of himself, create a snow storm, and travel via a self-made ice slide. His powers only being limited by his massive imagination! Not to be pun-ny, but HOW COOL IS THAT?!?

Iceman is one of the oldest members of the X-Men and strongest among mutantkind. To top it off, he’s got the charming and hip, albeit juvenile, personality to match his icy cool powers. It’s no wonder that he’s long been a fan favorite X-Man for comic book fans.



If cold-hearted is what you call someone who’s ruthless, unfeeling, then how dead inside would you have to be to have a cold-EVERYTHING?

Dr. Victor Fries’/Mr. Freeze's story is one of tragedy. He tries and repeatedly fails to cure his terminally ill wife, gets into an accident while doing so and now needs to wear a cryo suit 24/7 in order to survive. If you were forever cursed to be in the prison of your own body and to bear the frustration of not being able to cure your wife, you’d take it out on the world too. This makes Mr. Freeze one of Batman’s most dangerous, yet most sympathetic villains.

But what’s more tragic is the campy, pun-filled, live-action interpretation of Mr. Freeze in the 1997 Batman and Robin flick. God, that was awful.



Frozone doesn’t make an appearance until the very end of The Incredibles movie, but he still makes quite an entrance. Lucius Best, aka Frozone, is a retired superhero ally of Mr. Incredible. He can freeze water and the moisture in the air. His costume includes skates! Because he glides around the ice he creates. But really the main reason he’s was so badass is because he’s voice by none other than Samuel L. Jackson!



The White Witch is the main villain in The Chronicles of Narnia series.

In terms of raw power, The White Witch is at the top of the list. Blizzards, storms, she doesn’t even need to lift a finger for those. She magically put the whole kingdom of Narnia in what she calls an “endless winter”. She rules the land with her tremendous power and is – unsurprisingly - feared by all creatures throughout the land.

The White Witch gives the BITE in frostbite!



Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, has only recently been getting some media exposure. He is the leader of The Rogues, a supervillain team constantly butting heads with DC’s scarlet speedster, Flash. Except Leonard Snart is more a frenemy to The Flash than a villain hell bent on killing him.

In recent stories, Captain Cold is portrayed as a villain with a code of honor. He doesn’t kill for killing sake but only when it serves him or the protection of his sister. There are also lines he would not cross, like harming women and children. In the recent Flash TV series, Cold is seemingly being poised to have an uneasy alliance with its titular hero. DC and their sympathetic cold-themed villains, am I right?

Technically, he’s only been an animated movie character, but with a live-action Flash movie in the works, I’m hoping to see him make the jump from TV to the Silver screen!

PS. He's also the only character I know who can rock a parka in broad daylight!


jack frost 1

There have different Jack Frosts in movie history. Some good, some mischievous, one’s a serial killer, and another was a dead dad. But I’m talking about the most recent one here, Rise of the Guardians’ good-looking, teenage Jack Frost.

If you don’t know Jack, well he’s the spirit of winter – the one who’s responsible for snow day, or a sudden gust of winter wind. He’s also part of the Guardians – along with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Sandman, and the Tooth Fairy. They protect the children who in turn believe in them with all their adorable little hearts.

Jack Frost is part of the Avengers of timeless fantastical icons and he’s the ‘Guardian of Fun’. Job titles don’t get any cooler than that!


sub zero 2

MORTAL KOMBAAAAT! Every time you hear that iconic music and mantra, you think either one of two things, Scorpion or Sub-Zero – Mortal Kombat’s two most recognizable characters. While Scorpion is a fire-wielding hell spawn, Sub-Zero is a warrior who uses the chilling power of ice.

The history of these two characters is heavily intertwined, so I can’t discuss one without the other. Sub-Zero comes from the Lin Kuai, rival ninja clan to Scorpion’s Shirai Ryu. But the two’s eternal animosity stems much deeper. Scorpion wrongfully believes Sub-Zero killed his family, thus starting a chain of events that only further fuels their fury.

I’d say cooler minds prevail, but not with these two. Sub-Zero will always hold a very special place (of hate) in Scorpion’s heart. But hopefully Sub-Zero continues to fend him off with his freeze blasts, ice swords and sick ninja moves!


elsa 2

Among all the ice/cold/snow-themed characters that proliferate this list, no one is more ON FIRE today than Elsa! It was in 2013 that she debuted in Disney’s winter-themed animated movie, Frozen and she’s since become a household name and one of the most beloved Disney Princesses of all time!

Elsa is the ice magic-wielding and vocally-gifted queen of Arendelle. In the short time she’s been around she’s spawned a wide variety of merchandise, stretching from dolls to costumes to pillows and slippers, an unfathomable number of Let It Go YouTube covers, a throng of inaanaks asking for anything Frozen-related, and even a gorgeous live-action TV adaptation. Elsa, I think, is currently the most recognizable character on this list.

May it be her touching vulnerability, her progressive charm, her (seriously) powerhouse voice, or the beautiful way she uses her powers, this snow queen has undoubtedly warmed the hearts of millions and millions of people!


I know it wasn’t exactly a big block of ice, or an industrial-sized fan, but hopefully reading about these icy cool characters still gave you a chill. If it wasn’t, then maybe a helping of their movies might. Along with a nice tub of ice cream, snow what I mean?:)

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