Let's All Head To Tomorrowland!


“Every day is the opportunity for a better tomorrow.”

Tomorrowland is a story about the future – all its ugly truths as well as its beautiful potential. Here are 4 huge reasons to see this wonderful family, sci-fi, adventure!

1 Breathtaking Visual Spectacle

Tomorrowland's fully realized techno-future world was majestic! The fusion of technological pizazz, architectural inventiveness and unbound imagination will undeniably leave you breathless!


The movie’s cinematography was creatively thought-out as well. The kinetic energy and the way it was shot gave some of the scenes a very distinct thrill ride vibe! It’s almost poetic, that the movie (loosely) based on a theme park would feel like a theme park ride.

2 Social Relevance And That Trademark Disney Lesson

The primary idea the movie tackles is our world’s future, our “Tomorrowland”, as it were, and its duality: how it can be a source of both despair or of promise; that you can anticipate its end, or celebrate its possibilities. From there it branches out to smaller themes like the effect of perception on fate, or seizing your destiny, or hoping and dreaming and creating. It even touches on love, self-preservation, and on our apocalypse-embracing culture. These themes kept the out-of-this-world movie grounded and it’s hard not to relate to at least one of them. Tomorrowland is a film that not only dazzles, but also inspires.

“What if you were free to create anything?…No bureaucracy…No distraction...No greed.”

3 Impressive Action And Family Adventure Elements

The last thing I expected from this movie was a hand-to-hand action scene with the choreography and intensity that could rival even the likes of Winter Soldier’s. Raffey Cassidy (Athena) has the form and attitude of a seasoned action star and it’s crazy (but absolutely amazing) how this 13-year old girl is so proficient in ass-kickery.

And when Athena isn’t handing out cans and cans of whoop ass, you’re treated to a zany sci-fi romp featuring unapologetically silly laser blasters, and creepy smiling androids, and rocket ships and other dimensions – things I’m sure kids will totally enjoy.


4 George Clooney

It’s George Clooney. C’mon. Who DOESN’T like that guy?

A middle aged man and a 13 year old girl having a romantic connection could have easily been deemed inappropriate but leave it to George Clooney to accurately underscore his performance that you buy into the relationship but it never goes into creeper territory.

Characters you'll immediately fall in love with.


But like I said, it’s not completely flawless. Not everyone will enjoy this movie for sure. Some may be put off by its messianic inclinations, others by its relatively simple and predictable plot. But to me it was how the movie was concluded. (SPOILERS!) In hindsight, the plot doesn’t progress much during the first two thirds of the movie. It’s often alluded to, but we don’t really find out the crux of the movie’s conflict until the end when Nix (Hugh Laurie) does this grand, info dump, villain speech. The movie ends shortly after, making the final act feel unnatural and rushed.

Also, Hugh Laurie doesn't appear much in the movie, making his heel turn totally underwhelming and undeserved.

Ending notwithstanding, it’s still worth watching, given its merits. They did a great job crafting this fresh, exciting, visually dynamic mythology around a theme park that’s been around for over 5 decades! Some could even argue that this is the longest, most elaborate Disneyland commercial, and maybe it is, but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful. If inspiring people makes the world a better place, then Tomorrowland's earnestness may have, in its own little way, done just that. Hopefully this film moves people in a positive / progressive direction.

tomorrowland_hugh_laurie_george_clooney_h_2015 20150501fr-tomorrowland-disney-movie-Raffey-Cassidy maxresdefault
Every one looking towards a brighter tomorrow.

Tomorrowland is a kid’s/teen movie but with a strong, responsible message in its core, that if viewed with an open, optimistic, mind and a caring spirit, could teach ALL OF US a thing or two about our future and the role we play in it (especially those who have grown disillusioned of the world (myself included)). Ultimately, cliche as it sounds, Tomorrowland reminds us that our future is in our hands and it’s up to us to make sure it's a better place for the next generations. We have so much untapped potential and there will always be limitless possibilities, all we have to do is hope, dream, and create.



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