Everything IS Awesome about the Lego Movie!

Everything is awesoooooome!! Everything is cool when you're part of a team!!! (Been singing this for a few hours now.)

Finally!!! Just like Frozen, it took me a few week before I was able to watch this. I was worried that all the hype was gonna ruin it for me, especially since I'm not a big fan of Lego's stop-motion animation (or anything resembling it, coz it hurts my eyes), but Lego Movie deserved all the praise. EEEEEVVVVRRRRYYYYTTTHIIIIIINNG really WAS awesome!

The animation style was distracting at first, but fortunately became a bit more fluid after the first scene with Vitruvius. Still though, all the colors and movement, made action scenes hard to comprehend at times. But don't get me wrong, my problems with Lego's (admittedly distinctive) animation style doesn't take away any of the fun I had while watching this film.

You'd expect an animated movie (based on Lego, no less) to have a simple, "the lesson for today is" kind of plot for children, but it didn't. On the surface, it's about an ordinary guy stepping up to the plate, and believing in himself to defeat a villain who wants to destroy everything. But in its core, it was about breaking free from a robotic and commercially dictated life, and learning to think for yourself and embracing creativity. It was about remembering how to be a kid in a grown up world.

He's the hero you deserve. 

There are some complex themes in Lego's simple plot. And all of it was delivered in a very touching way. The heart of this film comes when you least expect it, and in a manner you least expect it to be. And that's what really made this movie for me.

Of course, icing on the cake is the endless, imaginative, gut-busting comedy in this film. 

...Srsly. IT. DOESN'T. STOP.   

Best casting decision EVER. Channing Tatum as Superman and Jonah Hill as Green Lantern!

And it's humor that's dealt by a stellar cast! Morgan Freeman is great anywhere you put him. Even if it's as a blind Lego wizard. Will Arnett's heavy and raspy voice and on-screen persona is ideal for a douche bag Batman. (Who I still love, btw. BATLOVE FOREVER!) Will Arnett, in my opinion, was going to be Batman sooner or later. Alison Brie, Charlie day, and Liam Neeson's supporting roles were sweet and hilarious as hell too. And even the most minor roles are voiced by all these big names! But Chris Pratt was the one who stole the show. He made the most generic character into "the most talented, most interesting, most special person in the (LEGO) universe". A feat, considering the movie had Batman. (And Superman, Michael Angelo, Abe Lincoln and Dumbledore.) Chris Pratt was just loveable as Emmet.

Batman is the new Robin.

The sets, the characters, the plot, all revolving around Lego toys was probably a difficult thing to pull off, but this movie does it so seamlessly. Its ironic (or ingenious) - The Lego Movie had corporate and media satire written all over it and yet, in very real sense, it's essentially a 120 minute long commercial. Never the less, in the end, The Lego Movie was still a truly, undoubtedly, AWESOME movie, brimming with life and laughter.


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