The Many Allies of ROBOCOP

Crappy photoshopping also by Michael Alegre

Robocop has a lot of allies people don't know about. (Not really.) I hear they're planning to have an Avengers-type movie on all of the RoboGuys! (Not really.)

1 HomoCop

A cop that gets into a freak accident, horribly mutilating his privates, and the only was to save him was to give him a sex change. He then continues to fight crime as a man trapped in a woman's body and calls himself, HOMOCOP!


2 HoboCop

A cop that gets into a freak accident, horribly mutilating his body. Having no limbs makes it hard for him to earn a daily living. So he turns into, HOBOCOP!

hobocop (2)

3 ChocoCop

Alex's best friend, Jack, gets shot at the end of the film. He undergoes the same operation Alex did and becomes the first African-American Robot-Man, CHOCOCOP! (Also known as Cyborg in the DC universe. He is also the link for a future Justice League crossover!)


4 LoboCop

Speaking of the DC universe, the intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo, gets into a freak accident. Lobo survives and reflects on his life and decides to change its course. Since then, he's stopped hunting for money, but instead hunts for truth and justice as LOBOCOP!

Huh. Meron pala talaga.
5 So-soCop

A regular cop with no special ability or back story whatsoever. He probably handles all the filing and admin work at the precinct. But he really tries.


6 SogoCop

SosoCop's cousin. A security guard at Sogo. One day, in the height of RoboCop's fame and being so bored at his job, he casually renamed himself to SOGOCOP.

He's there. See him?
7 BoboCop

A cop that gets into a freak accident, horribly damaging his mind. He then became impossibly dumb. But sometimes he sees things normal people don't. He's a trove for ideas that are so stupid, it. just. might. work. Which is why there's a need for BOBOCOP!

hobocop 2

8 LocoCop

BoboCop's brother, who's also a cop who gets into a freak accident. He survives but instead of realizing how lucky he is to be alive, he goes insane! Or is he? He seems to talk to himself but actually breaks the 4th wall and talks to the audience. Coz LOCOCOP is unique that way.


9 LoloCop

A cop about to retire gets into a freak accident. Foul play was involved and he decides to find his assailant before retiring. He's already 90 years old and he still hasn't found him. But that won't stop LOLOCOP! He also serves as an adviser to all the other COPs.


10 YoloCop

David is Alex's son.After seeing his father being blown-up and reborn as RoboCop, he realizes the value of life and how he could die anytime. Since then, he's been YOLO-ing every moment of his life. One day, a freak accident almost happens to him. His father saves him, but (in an unexpected dramatic twist) dies in the process. David, to honor his fallen father, dons the RoboSuit. He fights crime for other people's right to YOLO guessed it, YOLOCOP!

yolocop (2)

11 RoboCap

Steve Rogers (Marvel) is a super soldier and gets into a freak accident (Whuuuuuuttt??? Didn't see that coming!). Tony Stark saves his life by putting him in a suit similar to Robocop's. Steve now leads the team of Cops as ROBOCAP! (Also the link to an Avengers crossover)


Special Mentions: 


A police car is blown up but gets remade with a lot of upgrades and new arsenal! He joins the fight on crime as AUTOCOP!


A pedophile that gets into a freak accident, but was saved by Robocop. He joined Robocop's war against crime as PEDOCOP...But he gets distracted from time to time.



A former cop that works part time as a mime gets into a freak chemical accident. His make up fuses with his skin. And in classic, joker fashion, he curses the world and becomes the villain, MONOCOP!



Just coz.


If I learned anything from all Robocop's allies' backstories, it's that being a cop is a seriously hazardous occupation. They all keep getting into freak accidents!

The truth: Me and my brother got to talking about this because we had a good time watching Robocop (2014). No idea why I made so much effort on it though.

Pictures were all taken from Google search. 

Disclaimer: This work is fan fiction and is made for entertainment purposes only. I do not claim ownership over "Robocop" and all related characters. Please don't sue. I have nothing but the clothes on my back.

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