For The Lover Boys

Last Feb. 8, me and my girlfriend celebrated our anniversary. And there's no better way to start a day like that than by showering your special someone with gorgeous flowers!

I got mine from Elvy's Floral Design. Their trademark offering is their Ferrero Bouquet, but I opted for a more traditional rose bouquet with a colorful twist. Check it out!


Handtied Rainbow Bouquet

IMG_9948 IMG_9914
I give.                                                                   She get.

Bett was touched when I gave her the flowers. I'm glad I made her happy.:)

The flowers were great! The arrangement was clean and tight. No loose petals that come off when you handle it. And THEY DELIVER! Two words that would ease the worries of guys who frequent Dangua for their flowers.

So for all you lover boys out there, here's Elvy's FB page (and their pricelist here) so you can see what else they offer. Maybe you can make your GF/Sister/Mom/Grandmom/Friend-that-you've-secretly-been-having-romantic-feelings-for happy too this Valentine's day.

PS. We had a hell of a fun time taking pics of ourselves with the flowers.

Yes, me too.

IMG_9915 IMG_9934


Elvy's Floral Design
09087201965 (Viber/LINE)

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