Videos of the Week #1


Debut edition!!!

This is a compilation of a few (3, to be exact) videos I enjoyed and I just wanted to share them with you guys! Wooht!:) Here's my first set! It includes some Guardians of the Galaxy, Key and Peele and Iron Man stuff!

1 Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer!

Freshly released! I can't not include the first look of this new Marvel franchise! I'm pretty excited about it! This looks to be one epic space adventure film! The first look is courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

2 Key And Peele Talk About Non-Stop

If you know who these two are, then you know they have the wackiest, most hilarious sketches online and on Comedy Central. If you don't, then you HAVE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THEM! One of their recurring bits is about these two bellboys who love movies with a passion! Here they are talking about Non-Stop, Liam Neeson's upcoming action movie. And FYI, these two absolutely LOVE Liam Neeson.

3 Iron Man MkZ

This one is just an animated short I found from a guy named Anthony McGrath. He did a pretty amazing job! It almost looks like it was made for the Iron Man films!

Well that's it for the first edition. I'll post more in the coming weeks. Enjoy!:)

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